An Apology to my Fellow Triathletes....

I de-virginized him. Yes, I rode him and I rode him for a while. And, I was smiling the whole time!
OK-was that crossing the line? Hopefully I at least made you chuckle....
To keep this post G-rated, I rode a road bike for the very first time!!! So as I sit at the computer, with a sore neck, sore triceps and sore leg muscles (that I never knew I could work), I'm re-thinking the decision to lose the aerobars and try those funny handlebars that drop down. So let's talk about my day of training.
Morning swim practice was great. Just a couple more weeks until I start swimming with a HS swim team, but for now I have no problem pushing myself in a lane by myself with 10-15 other triathletes around me. I'm use to the solo training, so just being around others at 5:30am is just great. I was in the mood for some IM, so I did a great set which took me back to my college days of swimming (8 X 125 IM, doubling up each stroke for a 50). And if that wasn't enough, finished the practice with 10 X 100 on 1:25. 4000 total yardage and headed over to the treadmill for a run.
Next milestone for me was another 4 miles on the treadmill. Picked up a the pace a little bit and did some higher pace intervals. HR was lower than yesterday so at least i feel a lot more comfortable with my running. Probably didn't need to run 2 days in a row, even though I am not feeling any foot pain, but I wanted to see if I was able to do another 30 minutes. Anyways, for the next couple weeks, no bricks and I'll keep the running to short runs (yes-30 min for me is Extremely short and hardly a workout) and I'll only run about 3 times a week. Just want to be on the cautious side and this will allow me to continue to work with my cycling.
So all afternoon I was writing articles to meet deadlines this week but my head wasn't with me. I was like a little kid who couldn't wait to leave school, just to ride that brand new huffy bike! All morning and afternoon I kept thinking about Blue and I was so psyched to ride it. Of course I feared not knowing how to ride it, but that was the whole point of my ride today. So my ride lasted about 2 1/2 hours and i couldn't stop riding. My tummy got the best of me and I knew I needed dinner eventually, but I ended up covering around 42 miles. I played with the gears (that clicking thing is weird on those handlebars!) and I put my hands in all different positions on the bars. But honestly, the WHOLE time I wanted to get aero. What a habit! I knew i would look ridiculous trying to get aero with no aerobars so I passed on that thought and primarily kept my hands on the drop bars. I like my position there.
Tomorrow morning is my 5:45am spin class that I teach at the Y. I love my crew that has joined me for the past 8 months! I can't believe they put up with me every wed, even though they know I'm not an easy instructor..but, I'm hopefully a good motivator for them and even at 5:45am I am full of energy! No surprise, right!
And by the way (for my Floridians), don't you LOVE this weather!
*A special thanks to Karel for putting together my Blue. He always does an amazing job with bikes and is the best bike tech I know! I know he had to do a lot of cutting for this bike....gosh darnit, I'm so freakin' short!