You Should Try It!

Have you ever biked somewhere, other than for the reason to train? This morning I taught my normal spin class at the Y and walked on the treadmill afterwards for 40 minutes (yes-I didn't run coach Lee Z!!!). After I did some core and lifted, I drove home to make a great protein smoothie and a yummy breakfast. Today was just beautiful as I sat at my computer, inside, finishing up some articles. Later today, it was about an hour before I had to leave to go sub another spin class and the idea came to me that I should just bike to the Y, teach spin and then bike home. I wasn't worried about running out of energy (I don't know how, but I always have a lot of it!), but I was more worried that the inconsistent Florida weather would leave me with a wet ride home. The weather gods were on my side tonight! I don't know if it was the new road bike or a feeling that I needed to get outside, but regardless I was loving the idea of biking somewhere. I have always wanted to bike everywhere I go and if you know me, I don't like to drive! However, I thought I would look silly riding my tri-bike everywhere and there was no way I could leave seduza all alone somewhere! Oh-She's getting sad that she isn't being riden this week.
I'm a huge fan of road trips, but driving around town is so boring to me. Besides looking at my gas gage, as it gets lower and lower as I drive around town (coaching athletes and doing nutrition consultations) I love looking at my odometer and seeing how far i drive. Why? Not because I want to know how far I have to drive, but I want to know how many miles it is from A to B so I know exactly the distance when I bike or run that distance! Please don't tell me that I am the only one that thinks this way???
Sometimes I wonder the way an endurance athlete thinks....a 20-mile ride to my favorite Tri Shop (Tri3Racing) is forever long, but a 20-mile bike ride is just a warm-up. Sitting in a car for 3 hours is entirely boring and I would much rather run for 3 hours. Ok-call me silly, but my body and mind likes to be in motion.
Try biking somewhere this week. Tell yourself it isn't a workout and you are simply biking from A to B. Or, if you'd rather, include your training ride/run before, during or after work and try to make it part of your day. But most of all, be safe and look for safe and clean roads. It isn't only you out there on the roads, but anticipate the other drivers and cyclists.
Try out the biking thing. For a lot of people reading this blog, I understand that the weather may not be ideal for riding/running. But maybe you can plan it once the weather gets warmer.
All in all, it was the easiest 30 miles of just being outside on my road bike... + 30 miles in my two spinning classes! Finally..I think my cycling is coming along! Am I ready to call myself a cyclist yet????