It's Getting Close!

It's finally here! The end of the week is approaching and so is my first race of the season! I spoke last night at an all-women triathlon clinic and it was just great! Of course, anytime I talk about sports nutrition I am in "my zone" and I could probably TALK forever but this talk was really special. It was special for the reason that there were SO many new people - newbies (as we call them). I am really looking forward to seeing people at the upcoming races and anytime I can meet someone and encourage her to do a triathlon, I feel like I am serving my purpose as a triathlete. Training is going great and I've had 3 days of great training! Mon was a training ride with my cop friends, tues was a 7.2 treadmill run with Tony after a challenging 2500 pool workout and this morning was the normal spin class that I teach, followed by a 5.6 mile treadmill run. Feeling good and healthy and really really strong. I'm really excited to race! The foot is bothering me at times, but I am keeping it iced (like right now!) and stretched and being a good "stubborn" athlete. Yes-I know I am stubborn at times as we all are with our training.
Last week was kinda rough for me because the training enthusiasm was not all there. I didn't feel like myself and didn't have the energy that I normally have. So I layed off the running for the weekend and tried to get on my bike as much as possible. I'm really spending the time cycling, working on the skills, power and aerobic training and I really hope it pays off this weekend. I know this race distance is not my distance of choice... but I am looking forward to racing at my best and seeing all the awesome ladies out at Ft.Desoto racing with me!