Let the Season Begin!

It's over. There is always a first race of the season and it is already over. I can't tell you how much I love triathlons. Everything about them, from the expo, to driving to the race, racing the event and then everything that comes with a triathlon finish.
I would like to give a big congrats to all those who finished the race for the first time. Congrats-for you are now a triathlete and not a triathlon-virgin! Some special congrats go to Sarah who did just awesome today at Subaru! I have been working with sarah on her cycling for the past couple of weeks and she pulled off a great race today! See ya on tues Sarah, get ready to work hard on the bike!!! hehe. Also, Chrishelle, Tracy and Celia - great job! And it was wonderful seeing Blair LaHaye...can't get enough of her!
I also want to tell Karel how proud I am of his 9th place finish (9th or 10th-we aren't really sure yet) at the Spin City Crit in Orlando. He has been fighting bad respiratory junk and he rested with his training (somewhat) this week and fought it out to race at 8pm last night, after working from 11-3 at Gearlink. Congrats Karel! Hope you are enjoying your winning money! Congrats also to the other Gearlinkers who raced this weekend.
The race recap is coming, but I thought I would start my post-race blogging with some congrats to all my friends! Also, thanks to my parents for driving out to Ft.Desoto to watch me race. As my biggest fans, the best picture taker (dad), and my mom who keeps me from being lost in transition, thanks!