Lost Post...

What a bummer! I wrote a LOnG Post on Mon (nothing abnormal about me writing lots) and it was never published. So, to sums things up......
For my Cyclists - Rode Sat 48 miles, got dropped on my road bike but had a good time. Rode Sun 44 miles and went to Orlando to watch the Buttar.com race. Karel placed 8th in Pro 1, 2 and even came back with a nice purse prize check! Celebratory dinner at the Cheesecake Factory-YUM! Don't miss out on the Gearlink Cup race in Palm Harbor this weekend!
For my triathletes - The Season is approaching! Florida Great Escape is this weekend, followed by Ft.Desoto international distance.
I know it's short but it'll do! Happy training...I am so freakin' excited for the season to start! Subaru Women's Classic will be my first race and feeling ready to rock n' roll!
For the Animal Lovers - I saw a cow, snake, 2 deer and lots of suicidal squirrels this weekend as I was cycling.