Disney 2006.....memories

Sitting here drinking my coffee and about to hop on my bike for an easy spin. I can't believe it's been a year since I did this race. I remember swimming in the lake (which I LOVE lake swimming - no waves!) and thinking to myself "wow-56 miles..that is really long!" Then I was on the bike and the first big climb came and I had no idea about the benefits of switching gears. I was pushing so hard to get up the big climbs and even more, last year I had these BIG aerobars (sticking up) on my trek. I also was a bit scared of the bike so the brakes were being used the whole time on the downhill. Then on the run, I was feeling really good and couldn't believe that I did an event that took me 5 hours and 29 minutes. As you probably know, I always get in a zone when I run long-distance and for this run on sunday, I have so much to think about (all good stuff) for the 13.1 miles. I might need to run 26.2 to think about the entire year!! hehe. So much I've put into the bike and I'm so lucky to be injury free since I was hurting so bad for 2 months after the Miami Marathon. I really do love this sport. *Note-you might want to ask me how much I love the sport in a couple months....Kona training starts next week and I've got 21 weeks to get myself in TOP shape! Long hours, long miles and lots of mental and physical training. Oh-and lots and lots of money for a plane ticket to kona, traveling with my bike, staying in a condo for a week and much more. It's worth it!!!