I love Races!

On the road again. Not sure how many weekends in a row this is for me, but I am loving every moment! What more could I ask for than to spend the weekend with a bunch of triathletes and I don't have to race!! As much as I love racing, to help out at a triathlon is great because there is so stress involved!
I'm heading to Bradenton in the next hour to help out with the Tri 101 race. Looking forward to a little networking as well. I'm all about meeting people!!! A new race and a new distance is always a good thing in the triathlon-world.
This morning was a great Brick workout and something I feel I should have done weeks ago. While I've spent the last couple weeks training for St.Anthony's, I knew that Ironman 70.3 Florida would be an A-race for me. Starting at 6:30am, Seduza and I did 51 miles, with 4 x 6 minute intervals with a HR at 85-90% with 2 minutes recovery. Aside from a 45 minute warm-up, most of the ride I was holding around 19mph. After the ride I quickly put on my shoes, re-set my HR monitor and I was off for a 30 minute run. Felt really fresh and strong. The run was more on the fast side (holding 7:45-7:50 pace). Tomorrow I will do a long run of around 11-12 miles on part of the Tri 101 race course. Sunday I will watch the race and somewhat rest. Quality workouts are what I'm about! There's no use squeezing in extra workouts if they won't help. I'm sure glad I passed on the run on thursday!
Although I'm not too concerned with speed amd distance when I'm training (I go my HR and time), I know I will need to finish the 56 mile bike at Disney in less than 2:45 for my sub 5 hour finish. The swim should be around 30 minutes and the run is looking good at sub 1:50 (possibly 1:44 if all does as planned). I always add 5 minutes to my time for potty stops, transitions, suicidal squirrels in the road or anything else uncontrollable. I know I'll need to push.
Still waiting for the phone call from Karel and hopefully Stage 3 went well. The 74 mile ride has a lot of HUGE climbs and descents. I hope all the riders were safe. Go Karel and Anthony...2 more days!
Good luck to those who are racing this weekend!