http://new.photos.yahoo.com/mrakes1/album/576460762400653929IF link doesn't work you can go to my blog page links and click on photos. Once you are there you can go to Tri 101 Bradenton pics.
Things are going well. Karel is back in town but haven't seen him yet. Tomorrow is the gearlink ride and I'm excited to ride with him and the group. Bro and dad are in Spain for a little vaca for 10 days. Training is going awesome and I'm not sure if I should feel this good right now. Starting to taper a bit but still keeping the intensity. Reduced the volume just a bit but I'm running very comfortable, swimming fast and cycling great in the wind. The morning swim was really cold so I had no choice but to swim fast. Main set was 8 x 125 on 1:55. Pretty happy with the 5-10 sec. rest I was getting. Followed the swim with an hour run, with 3 x 5 min Half Ironman pace sets in the middle. Tonight I rode 1:45 in the wind and the main set was 5 x 1 mile Half Ironman pace with .5 mile recovery. The smoke was cleared (almost) but today was pretty bad outside!
Hope everyone is training hard or enjoying the week.
Pics from St.Anthony's are up!