Today was a big day. Last night Karel and I went for a spin as he tested out his spare race wheels for the deland cup this weekend. I needed the spin after my tough workout Friday morning. I made a fabulous dinner of homemade sweet potatoe casserole, homemade mashed potatoes with chives (for Karel), couscous with mushrooms (my new favorite food..next to bread!), baguettes and a salad. We ate well last night! This morning Karel left for Deland for a 70 mile road race at 11am. That's gotta be tough racing 70 miles at 11 in the morning! Congrats to Karel for placing 10th...with a crash just 4 weeks ago, he amazes me and is such an inspiration. I left around 6:30 for a 90 minute spin before I met the group. The Gearlink ride was kinda small and I decided to take out Seduza instead Blue. I needed to be on my tri-bike to change things up. I've been riding my road bike a lot lately and I wanted to really push today.For the first time EVER I completed an entired Gearlink ride (including rotations which I didn't do) without getting dropped!!! This was BIG for me. Although I drafted the entire ride while everyone rotated, I was pushing pretty hard going 24-26 mph to not get dropped. After a 61 mile ride and no signs of bonking (always a good thing after a tough ride) I put on the fuel belt, filled up my flasks and headed out for a 30 min run. The volume is getting big and with a 2:15 hour run with a 1 hour bike before (warm-up) and 1 hour bike after (cool-down), I will enjoy the rest of my weekend by resting on sunday. No computer work and I will try really hard to just rest. Karel has his crit race on sunday morning so I hope he is safe and has a great race. Tonight I went to Christian Engle's going away party. I'm really going to miss him. He will do great things for the Y in NY and I wish him only the best. He has been a major part in my life with helping me discover my strengths and weakness and for always being there to listen. Plus he does triathlons so I like him even more!
Good luck to all those participating in a race this weekend! There are 4 races that you can watch on Ironman.com tomorrow and if you didn't catch it, Alcatraz Triathlon was on TV today as well.