A Great b-day!

My birthday was great! Thursday morning I went to swim practice at 5:30am and was greated by lots of Happy Birthday wishes and of course a couple sarcastic remarks that I am "so young" and "we are all old enough to be your parents!" from the other triathletes in the water. The main set was for ME and I think the other swimmers were a little bothered that it was my b-day set. 4 x 600's for non-Ironman triathletes is tough...but I Loved it! Went for a 50 minute run and I enjoyed being the BIG 25! I spent a couple hours at Iron Girl helping out Judy with Iron Girl Atlanta articles and I received a wonderful gift from Judy-Lots of Sports bars and the cutest b-day card! I just love Judy! I am SO looking forward to racing at the Iron Girl Atlanta Triathlon in a couple weeks.
The rest of the day was a little stressful as I continued to work on my presentation for Vegas. I leave next sunday and I feel like I still have lots of preparation to do. The power point is finished and I have a lot of research to discuss. I'm really looking forward to seeing some of my ISSN buddies and catching up. A lot has happened for me in the past year and I know all my science-guru's will be excited to hear about my new love of the Ironman distance!
I was greated with roses, a b-day cake and presents from karel. He is so sweet. We had dinner in Clearwater beach and walked along the ocean. I just love the water! We were also celebrating our 1-year anniversary so he received a present or two from me. I always make things, so he received another picture collage from me. Lots of pictures of us with cycling-related magazine pictures for the border. I think he is getting use to me and being very camera excited.
Fri evening I celebrated dinner with the family and it was really nice to be with the fam. I just love them and we get along great. My parents are handling things really well right now with my brother moving to Pitt in a week and me getting more serious with my nutrition-triathlon-related career. I think they've gotten use to my ups-and-downs with trying to make something of myself with my master degree and with my sport, but most of all I am so lucky to have two supportive parents and a great relationship with my brother.
Thanks to everyone for the phone calls, emails and happy birthday wishes. It means a lot that i have so many great people in my life who care about me and are so supportive of my lifestyle. I really enjoy sharing my life with everyone and more than ever...it is busy and exciting!