Thank you Sponsors!

Something I've neglected to do on this blog is talk about my fabulous sponsors! Zoot and Hammer are amazing! The clothing by Zoot is the only clothing that I will wear during training and racing because it is so comfortable. The best part about the cycling/running shorts are the well-thought of pockets on the sides. Makes for quick gel access during a run with the pockets at your hips! As far as Hammer Nutrition, there is no better nutrition company than Hammer. They really understand what athletes need during training/racing conditions. The science and research behind Hammer is top-notch and coming from an Exercise Physiology and sports nutrition background I believe they couldn't do any better in making endurance products!
If anyone is intereseted in purchasing Zoot clothing, enter the promo code august07 when you are finished ordering. Also, if you are purchasing Hammer Nutrition products, mention my name or code 97495 for a 10% discount on any Hammer product. Besides nutrition, Hammer has great clothing for training, racing or everyday wear.
Thanks again Sponsors..without my amazing sponsors I wouldn't be training so fast and looking so good!!! hehe