Happy Birthday Aaron!!!

A big HAPPY birthday to my brother who turns 23 today!!! Woah, he is catching up to me. I am lucky to have such a wonderful family. Parents who have always been very supportive, encouraging and loving and a brother who has been nothing but great to me. My parents considered themselves the luckiest parents in the world because they had two children who never got into a fight with one another. My brother is my best friend and even from an early age, we have always been nice to one another. Not only is my brother an amazing athlete but he is very intelligent and I've always looked up to him as a collegiate athlete. Aaron graduated from the business school at the University of Michigan and if you know anything about UM you probably know about the prestigious Ross Business School. Not only did my brother graduate last year with an outstanding GPA but he was a full ride scholarship, 4-year NCAA athlete. I have no idea how he fit in school with all his gymnastic practices (including summer jobs to keep him busy without school) but he did it all and never complained. As the 2007 Big Ten High Bar Champion, my brother is someone that many people can look up to. Aaron is now earning the big bucks in Pitt, PA where he works at PPG as a business man. While a full-time job in a new big city is a big change from college life, my brother learned a lot from 4-years in college and he stays very busy on the weekends going out to bars, watching football games with friends and hanging out at starbucks.
I love you Aaron!! Happy birthday and can't wait to see you on Thanksgiving!