Pics from this weekend

Enjoy the pics from this weekend...
I got a new road bike! An all carbon Blue road bike w/ a campy crankset/chainring and shimano components. I just love it! Thanks to Karel for putting the bike together for me. He really made the bike look good with white handlebar tape. We are looking for a white seat as well to make it extra sexy :)
Anyone need a small Aluminum Blue Road bike???? Let me know..I'll make ya a great deal. Honestly, this bike was just great for a first road bike and I was happy to ride on for the last 5 months. For the size of the bike, just perfect for a kid or a small adult like me!!! hehe
I've been wanting a carbon road bike for a while and we finally found me one (ok-Karel does the searching, I do the paying). Karel worked on my bike for a couple hours on saturday afternoon in order to for me to take her for a spin on Sunday morning. I was out for 3 hours and totally enjoyed my bike! How smooth and great to ride!!!