I miss running. I am a jogger.

I'm not really stressed as much as I am constantly thinking ALL the time. I've realized that life is very uncertain and you have to live one day at a time. Last summer my life was triathlons. All I wanted to do was train and work on nutrition consultations. I desired to become a Pro triathlete, not for the money but for the status to let me mentor and train other athletes. Now that it has been nearly 3 months since I ran (not counting the marathon in the Ironman) I get so sad about my future in the sport. I think I am most sad that I don't have running in my life anymore. I have been a runner for the past 4 years and I find so much joy and stress relief in running. I just love to run. I did jog today but I have to be careful with every step. It is more a fear I have of re-injuring myself but I completed 3 x 4 minutes of jogging w/ 3 min. walking in between. I did it all outside today and running with the ocean in my view just made everything so peaceful. I miss that in my life. I miss my life as a runner, which is what I called myself well before I was a triathlete. Before runner was swimmer so I'm kinda torn between swimming and running. Well, now that I take a glance at my two bikes in my room, I'm thinking I should continue to call myself a triathlete. Although I do admit that I am a fanatic for treadmill running, the cool weather in florida makes for amazing runs outdoors. I miss that cool morning/evening run which makes the day just right. Hopefully soon I will resume some type of training again but for now it's a lot of swimming, cycling and walking and jogging. I do want to see a physical therapist but I'm not sure how much I will have to pay for one. It is probably about time for me to see someone since I haven't seen anyone post kona but I'm so happy that I'm finally healing. It's good but bad that I've never had an injury before and now I am stuck with a twinge in my groin area that just won't seem to get better. Although I want to be fast, powerful and competitive again, you should have seen my face this afternoon as I was jogging along the sidewalk with the happiest smile on my face...a smile that would not dissapear no matter how slow I was jogging. I guess for now I will call myself a jogger.