It went great!

The talk this evening went great. I was so super nervous. I always get nervous before I talk but once I see the crowd and know that I have the chance to help people, I get really excited. I had a big turnout at the American Running Company (great shop!!!) and I just loved the enthusiasm of everyone in the room. This was one of the few talks I have given to only runners, but when it comes to sports nutrition I always have useful tips and advice for all athletes. Tomorrow I will post some of the info that I discussed this evening. I handed out a lot of business cards so I'm hoping that I get the opportunity to help more athletes with their nutrition. I am happy to say that I am jogging now, without pains or weird feelings in my legs! I did 4 miles on the treadmill with the first 30 min. of walking at 6% grade at 3.8 mph. I was reading over my talk for the evening so time just passed by. I was feeling really good on the treadmill so I decided to bump up the speed. Wow baby...6.1 mph and I was running!!! I kept it at a 2% grade and I felt SOOO good. Nothing like the 7.8mph warm-up I was doing earlier this summer but I'll take it!Nothing hurt and I was sweating! It's been a while since I got hot on the treadmill and I was enjoying every moment from rolling my sleeves up to feeling the pounding of my legs. Once again, I was smiling and finally I feel like I can get back into a running routine (yes running...I think I am getting there!). What a great day! This morning Karel met me at the Y at 6:45am after my 5:30-6:30 swim and we had a lot of fun with our training session. We started off with plyometrics on the bosu followed by partner crunches w/ the medicine ball and wall-sits. I've been reading a lot of studies about plyometrics mixed with strength training exercises. Karel and I have both increased our strength in the weight room so the next couple of weeks should be fun since we added a new component to our strength routine. Well, just wanted to give a big thanks to Chris Corbo and the American Running Company staff for letting me speak at their store tonight. Also, I super big thanks to the great crowd of athletes who had many fabulous questions for me! I just love helping people!!!