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What a bummer

I was too sick to race. I ended up not going to Iron Girl Atlanta. What a bummer cause I was so looking forward to the race. I guess there were too many germs in vegas and my head cold turned into a cough and runny nose and left me extremely tired this week. This was the first time that I had to pass on a race and it left me that I wasn't able to go. Things are going well right now and I feel like I'm finally getting the hang of the nutrition consultations. Working with Beginner Triathlete has been a lot of fun and even for the people around the area, everyone is seeing positive results with their weight loss and performance.
I'll keep everyone updated on my training. A lot of people have been asking about my "kona specific training" and the volume is getting higher every week. I'm getting super excited but the thought of how much this trip is going to cost is making want to work ALL the time. I love my work so I guess that is a good thing.
I know a lot of people are racing right now (triathlon/cycling) and I am always checking out results. So if you are racing and wouldn't mind writing me an email letting me know what race, I will be sure not to miss it!


Vegas Baby! I'm Back

In addition to moving to Dunedin on Friday, I was setting myself up for a BUSY weekend by finishing the final touches on my presentation for vegas. Saturday's workout was tough. Solo-but tough. Karel and I rode together for the first time since his crash but it was only a short ride. We ended up meeting the Panera ride and those guys were too fast for me. I barely hanging on for the wed. night loops with the Gearlink guys. I rather be pushed with the guys and not hand on than ride by myself. So once I was dropped from the group, I ended up riding 3 hours by myself with 2 x 20 minutes at Half Ironman race pace. Pretty tough by myself but I was having a good ride. After the ride I had a quick transition and headed out for my run. Felt really fresh and 50 minutes went by very quick. The brick workouts are getting easier the more I do them on a weekly basis. Some workouts are long, some are short and some include bricks... but overall, I feel I benefit from every workout. The rest of saturday was spent unpacking. I didn't even sit the entire day. I just love organizing and although moving is stressful, it is a great way to get your life together and up-to-date. Sunday morning was a long run with my friend Celia. We haven't ran together in a year and I couldn't pass up a long 2 hour run to chat with my good girlfriend. I biked my way over to Celia's house in tarpon and after the run I was glad I had another 50 minute ride home to spin my legs. I had to start the workout early in order to get home and get my things together for my trip to vegas. I was hoping to run in Clearwater on sunday with another good training friend, but I was in such a rush on sunday that if i tempted myself for a run in Clearwater, I was have to hit the beach soon after.
The trip to vegas was long and I was extremely tired once i got there. MY goal was to stay on the Florida time zone, but after arriving to the Flamingo at 12 vegas time I knew I was in trouble with a 4am Florida bed time. Monday I was in no mood to train and enjoyed my time in bed. The conference started early and I spent an entire day learning about sports nutrition at the annual International Society of Sports Nutrition conference. I was SO happy to see some of my close friends and especially my close friend Cassandra Forsythe who is almost finished with her PhD at UConn. My other good friend Rachel is amazing and she has racing in her first Ironman in 6 weeks in Lake Placid.
The time couldn't go by more slowly when I was there and on top of getting a horrible head cold and sore throat, I wasn't presenting until 4:20pm on Tuesday. After 2 LONG days of talks, it was finally my turn to talk. I was told I did a good job but I was extremely nervous and felt I could have done better. I guess I am my worst critic and when I speak or write, I expect a lot from myself. With new business cards (and something to put on them! hehe) I was networking like crazy in hopes of someday soon writing and publishing my first book.
After a red-eye leaving Vegas on 11pm on Tuesday evening, I am back in Florida catching up with emails, USAT Florida Region events and nutrition consultation write-ups. I'm glad to be back in Florida and for the 2 days that I will be here this week, I will be trying to work my butt off to make more money for my quickly approaching trip to Kona!!! Off to Atlanta this weekend for Iron Girl Atlanta and I'm hoping I can fight this awful head cold and rest before the race. Because I love Iron Girl, I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to race. With Morton Plant Mease Triathlon as an upcoming A-race in July, I just love racing in new places with new faces.
Sorry bout the long blog..thought it was well overdue!
I also want to give a BIG congrats to my good friend Mike Baleno who just graduated from Dental school at Nova University. With a job in Clermont, I'm sure Karel and Mike will have plenty of riding weekends together :) Congrats again Mike!