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Today was a big day. Last night Karel and I went for a spin as he tested out his spare race wheels for the deland cup this weekend. I needed the spin after my tough workout Friday morning. I made a fabulous dinner of homemade sweet potatoe casserole, homemade mashed potatoes with chives (for Karel), couscous with mushrooms (my new favorite to bread!), baguettes and a salad. We ate well last night! This morning Karel left for Deland for a 70 mile road race at 11am. That's gotta be tough racing 70 miles at 11 in the morning! Congrats to Karel for placing 10th...with a crash just 4 weeks ago, he amazes me and is such an inspiration. I left around 6:30 for a 90 minute spin before I met the group. The Gearlink ride was kinda small and I decided to take out Seduza instead Blue. I needed to be on my tri-bike to change things up. I've been riding my road bike a lot lately and I wanted to really push today.For the first time EVER I completed an entired Gearlink ride (including rotations which I didn't do) without getting dropped!!! This was BIG for me. Although I drafted the entire ride while everyone rotated, I was pushing pretty hard going 24-26 mph to not get dropped. After a 61 mile ride and no signs of bonking (always a good thing after a tough ride) I put on the fuel belt, filled up my flasks and headed out for a 30 min run. The volume is getting big and with a 2:15 hour run with a 1 hour bike before (warm-up) and 1 hour bike after (cool-down), I will enjoy the rest of my weekend by resting on sunday. No computer work and I will try really hard to just rest. Karel has his crit race on sunday morning so I hope he is safe and has a great race. Tonight I went to Christian Engle's going away party. I'm really going to miss him. He will do great things for the Y in NY and I wish him only the best. He has been a major part in my life with helping me discover my strengths and weakness and for always being there to listen. Plus he does triathlons so I like him even more!
Good luck to all those participating in a race this weekend! There are 4 races that you can watch on tomorrow and if you didn't catch it, Alcatraz Triathlon was on TV today as well.


Friday...the end or the beginning?

I love Fridays. Even though I find myself working on the computer all weekend, I still feel like it is the weekend and I can rest. But then again, after Thursday, the volume increases and I set myself up for 3 straight days of LONG training. Last night was a lot of fun. I biked to Howard Park and met 4 of my tri-buddies for a open water swim for 30 minutes. It took an hour to bike there but it was a great way to get warmed up (and everyone knows that i am not the biggest driving fan). This morning was tough. With the heat and humidity, I think the workouts I do are so much harder in the summer. 2 hour bike ride with an hour main set. 15 x 3 min at 80% with 1 min recovery. That was a tough hour but I felt strong during the whole ride. What a difference from last year where I was hurting at the end of my cycling rides and feared a brick because my energy was pretty low. Not only am I feeling fresh off the bike but I am enjoying longer runs off the bike. After the bike this morning I was off for a 50 min run. Loving my fuel belt especially on days like today! I Think I am religous about my hydration and wearing my fuel belt during any workout longer than 90 minutes (running).
Looking forward to this weekend. karel is off to Deland for the Deland cup (racing all three races) and I hope he has a good and safe race. Good luck to the other Gearlinkers and good luck to those racing at st.leo. I'm in for two BIG days of heavy training and hopefully I can squeeze in a nap after my bike/run tomorrow and bike/run/bike on sunday. Volume is def. picking up and now that I am just 16 weeks away from Kona, I am feeling a little bit of pressure to reach my goal of 10:30.
I'm looking foward to the rest of the summer and I am putting the final pieces on the USAT champions weekend clinic that I am putting together for the end of July. It's a lot of work putting together a full weekend of lectures and activities but I know the athletes who sign up will really benefit. How can I complain when I am doing something tri-related??
have a great weekend everyone!!! Be safe and smile! :)


A Wet Week

After this past weekend, I am finally feeling better. Training is going really well and there are no excuses in my mind. Tues, Wed and Thurs are tough, especially when the phone alarm goes off at 4:30am, but I don't mind. Thank goodness for the weekends when I can sleep in until 5:30am. I just love the weekend workouts...long stuff! This week the weather has been a little unforgiving to us athletes but if you train in the rain, you are ready for it in a race. Tues morning was a semi-easy swim workout but the run afterwards was tough. The running isn't getting any easier. I just find ways to push myself harder and harder to get the HR higher and higher. 1 min hard, 1 min easy, 2 min hard, 1 min easy, 3 min hard, 1 min easy, 4 min hard, 1 min easy, 5 min hard, 1 min easy and back down. The 4 and 5 min intervals were really hard especially when I saw my HR approach 170 and beyong...ouch! Tues afternoon was a quick 90 minute spin before I went to meet sarah (who I coach cycling) at a restaurant. Gotta love the girl time to catch up. She just got a gorgeous little puppy so Flash came along to keep the dinner exciting. Wed morning was my normal spin class and it went by super fast. We have a lot of fun in the class and my class works really hard. I am adding a long swimming workout on wed morning after I lift but as of now, I'm only swimming around a mile straight. I will gradually add more yards every wed. I look at it as an easy day to get in the water and work on my mental training. I am also working with a friend Robert who is anxious to step up his training for a full summer of sprint races. I love helping blooming triathletes! Nutrition consultations the rest of wed and wed evening I left around 5:30pm for the Gearlink ride. The clouds were building but the weather did not show any storms. well, that's florida for ya. By the time we started the ride at 6:30pm it was a downpour for about 10 minutes. Once it cleared up I was thinking it wasn't a good idea to try to draft off the fast guys of the group (still a large group even with the rain), so I rode with my good friend Michelle and we caught up as we rode a couple Landsbrook loops. I was a little scared riding home with Karel since the last time we were together on a wed he had his crash but we made it safely home just before 8pm.
This morning was a hard workout for me as the swim group had fins on and I had to swim the 6 x 300's without fins. After 1000 warm-up and the main set, we all did 8 x 50's working on breath control and 4 x 25 to finish the workout. All-out! I put on my running gear and headed out for a 9 mile run. Only had a little rain (what was left from the sprinkles during our swim workout) and the run felt good. Lifted a bit and did core and finished everything just before 8:30am.
I just registered for 70.3 World Championships from my qualification certificate from IM 70.3 Florida. This summer is going by fast and I can't tell you how excited I am for the fall. There is a lot to come this summer and I am looking forward to everyday!
Karel is doing his first race since the wreck this weekend in Deland. Good luck Karel!
GOOOO gearlink!

6/19/07 catch up.

I have been bad about writing on my blog. Life is fun right now. Training is going well. Sad about missing the Iron Girl Triathlon last weekend I heard it was a great success! I knew it would be great, especially with Michellie Jones racing there. Feeling a lot better than last week. I think something is going around so I consider myself lucky that I didn't end up with the flu. Training is going well this week, now that the traveling is over for atleast a month and I can finally settle into a routine. I am doing lots of nutrition consultations and triathlon coaching is going well also. Finally moved in to the new place, unpacked and loving where I live. I am right by the Pinellas Trail (less than 1/2 mile) which is great for the early morning rides. I just love running through Dunedin, especially when it is 95 degrees outside at 11pm and I have just finished a long ride with the guys. Seeing people everywhere really makes it easy to enjoy a hard brick workout. Swim practice was good this morning and I really pushed myself for my tues morning speed workout after I swam. A swim lesson and personal training session to finish the morning and now i am home working on the USAT Florida Region Educational Champions Weekend Clinic I am putting together.

I am really excited about my first published article is a REAL magazine. The july 2007 issue of Triathlete contains an article I wrote on nutrition. This is HUGE for me and I just love opening the magazine to page 140 and seeing my article in print. I am super proud of this and I worked hard for it. I guess it was worth it writing ALL those articles for websites and fitness club newsletters for free. Finally, I see something I wrote in a magazine. Now onto writing the book I have been wanting to write for a long time now :)

Karel has a new Girfriend. She is super pretty and he can't keep his hands off her. Ok-so he got a new bike and I must say that our collection of bikes is growing. He just loves his Pinarello Paris and it is great to see him on the bike again. My friend Ray is still recovering from his crash and I can only imagine what it is like to be off the bike (or stop training) for a couple days...let alone over a month for Karel and Ray. Ray-hang in are amazing!

My brother is moved in to his new apartment in Pitt. His first day at PPG was yesterday and he really enjoys it there. I saw pics of his new place and it is for sure a bachelor pad for my 22 year old brother who is working full time as a business man! Aaron, you have always impressed me and I know you will do great at what you do! And when you own your own business one day..I will call you up and ask you for sponsorship!!! Hehe, only kidding. Love you Aaron. A big thanks to our amazing parents who helped us with two moves in less than 2 weeks. What troupers my parent's are to move me into my place in Dunedin and then 4 days later fly to Pitt to help my brother move from his old place at University of Michigan.

I bought a new laptop yesterday! Unfortuntantly, it was a tough decision for a new laptop or a trip to kona. I had to buy the laptop cause I was in NEED of one..and I'm still putting off the flight to Kona. The condo and rental car are booked...but I should probably start walking (and swimming) if I want to make it to Hawaii by October 6th when I can check-in to my condo. I guess I will have to work even harder now to make-up for my electronic gadget purchase and continue to save money for Kona. I guess it's life...but as long as you are enjoying what you is all worth it!

Back to work!