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Wasn't as bad as I thought

Friday was a busy day. Before I knew it 6:15am came and I was out for a morning 40 mile ride with 3 intense interval sets (4 x 2 min. w/ 1:30 recovery) and a 4 mile run. Afterwards, the smoothie was made and I was out the door for a one-on-one session of personal training at 11am. I barely saw Karel in the morning as we quickly crossed paths as I was transitioning for my run. After the personal training session I was back home for a quick lunch and out again for some errands. As usual I made a great dinner for Karel and I (I think I have mentioned that I love friday nights since Karel and I can spend time together). Salad, sweet potatoes and cuscous w/ mushrooms and green peppers. Yumm! I always keep cut-up veggies in the fridge so putting together a meal is usually pretty easy and quick....since Karel and I usually want a quick and easy meal after p.m. training. Oh, Karel prepared chicken for himself. I try making meat-meals for him at times but I get worried before he tastes the foods since I won't taste the meat. I always hope for the best and it is cooked properly :) hehe. After dinner we watched a movie (Babel-great movie and awesome meaning behind the plot) and saturday morning came quickly.
Since Karel has a race tonight he slept in until 6:30am and warmed up with the Panera riders for about an hour. I was out the door at 6:15 a.m. for my last long run before a recovery week. The past two weeks have consisted of mega training volume and I am finishing this 3-week build with a big weekend of training. I was a little worried about the 20-mile run and how my legs would hold up but I ended up having a great run. I practiced my nutrition which went really well and I kept my heart rate in a comfortable zone. Because my body is so broken down I didn't want to push hard. I really want to learn how to run fast and I do that in my tues interval workout. On the weekends, I'm out for endurance and i could tell that my heart was getting stronger. The legs hurt and I will admit that I felt sleepy around miles 13-16 but after a gel and drink I felt a lot better. It isn't easy running 2 hours and 52 minutes but the last couple miles are always the best cause I'm so close to home! Afterwards I said bye to karel and I was on my road bike for a good hour of spinning. Enjoying my day watching tv and doing nothing and tomorrow is a big day with 110 mile ride and a 3 mile run. The last workout and I can't wait til next week. RECOVERY!
Good luck to everyone racing at IMC and especially in Kentucky (my home state!!!) for IMKY!


Thank you Sponsors!

Something I've neglected to do on this blog is talk about my fabulous sponsors! Zoot and Hammer are amazing! The clothing by Zoot is the only clothing that I will wear during training and racing because it is so comfortable. The best part about the cycling/running shorts are the well-thought of pockets on the sides. Makes for quick gel access during a run with the pockets at your hips! As far as Hammer Nutrition, there is no better nutrition company than Hammer. They really understand what athletes need during training/racing conditions. The science and research behind Hammer is top-notch and coming from an Exercise Physiology and sports nutrition background I believe they couldn't do any better in making endurance products!
If anyone is intereseted in purchasing Zoot clothing, enter the promo code august07 when you are finished ordering. Also, if you are purchasing Hammer Nutrition products, mention my name or code 97495 for a 10% discount on any Hammer product. Besides nutrition, Hammer has great clothing for training, racing or everyday wear.
Thanks again Sponsors..without my amazing sponsors I wouldn't be training so fast and looking so good!!! hehe


Getting closer....

As my journey to the Ironman World Championship continues I get more nervous and excited. I've had a lot of great advice from people and the best suggestion is to just take the course for what it is. I've done the work on the bike and I will continue to get stronger and faster in the next couple of weeks before my taper. Hopefully everything will come together and I will peak just in time for race day!
Tonight was pretty excited. After a morning of swimming 3400 (thanks Matt for the 10 x 100 IM pull set!!!), 7.2 miles on the treadmill for my interval workout and a hot 30 mile spin in the afternoon I am spending my evening reading (and re-reading) the Ironman Athlete Guide!!!
Now everything is getting real. The only thing left is to get my aero helmet and get my race number! Karel is really helping me out and getting Seduza race-ready. New tires, new tubes and lots of maintenance needs to keep her in good shape. Especially since I am putting in a good 250-280 weekly miles with my Kona training.
Thanks everyone for your support. Although I am keeping myself busy with lots of non-tri related stuff, my friends and family really make it easy to focus on Kona.


Pancakes never tasted so good!

Saturday night Karel and I joined some of the Gearlinkers for dinner at the Thirsty Marlin in Palm Harbor. Good music, food, drinks (for them, water for me) and company made for a great evening but with all the fun comes a late night. Karel and I had a big day of training planned for Sunday so we were anxious to get to bed and get the day started. My morning started around 5:15am when I prepared the coffee and oatmeal. I got Seduza ready w/ extra CO2's and I got my nutrition ready. As I was getting myself ready, Karel and I went over our plan for the day. He was going to San Antonio for his group ride at 8am which normally ends around 11am. But because he wanted to get in extra miles for the day he drove to San Antonio and he was going to ride home to Clearwater after his ride. As for me, I was going to ride to San Antonio on my bike and finish my workout in San Antonio w/ a run (shoes were in his car). The plan worked out great even though Karel and I never saw each other in San Antonio. My day was tough. For the first hour I was a little faster than the first hour of my century last week but I was still a little slow. Holding a 17.4 average for the first two hours, I was noticing that it wasn't my legs keeping me slow. I was heading in head wind for every turn I made. Because I was heading north and east I was never greated with the west tail wind. After around 3 hours of wind, I was trying to pick up my pace along the suncoast and noticing that the grass was blowing to my right side. HUmmm, this could be interesting. I am about to go east on 52 and as I am going north the grass is blowing to my right. Oh man, this is going to hurt!! I made the right turn onto 52 and the wind was blowing in my face. I knew this was my long stretch to San Antonio and it would be a long time until I got to san antonio. Speeds were between 16 and 17 mph and I had no power to go any faster. I was approaching mile 60 when I saw a sign which made me feel like I had just started my century. "San Antonio 16 miles" My legs just wanted to cry. I tried to keep myself entertained and forget about the wind and hoped that more cars would come along beside me so I could get some kind of draft. Of course this was a quite time to ride on a sunday morning but I was praying for traffic (which I got none of!). Right before I went under the 75-overpass I stopped for a refreshing gatorade which never tasted so good. Once I was in San Antonio I texted Karel that I was there and I started my last 20 miles in THE HILLS!!! What was I thinking on sunday. 80 miles in headwind, 20 miles in the hills and then a run afterwards. I had to tell myself to keep going to get 100 miles around 10 times in those last 20 miles so I don't know how i did it. I tried to make excuses "with all that wind, it seems like a century already" "It's ok to finish with 90 miles...but you are only 10 miles away you have to keep going" I thought of them all and I decided that there was nothing else I would rather be doing than doing 100 miles on my bike. I was rather pleased with my 17.2 average and finished my 100 mile ride in around 5 hours and 50 minutes. After the ride I was so thirsty that I could only get myself to run 15 minutes. AS long as I run off the bike, I'm ok with any type of run. After a nice 6 hour workout I was ready to drive home around 1:30pm. I received a phone call from Karel around 1:45pm on my way home from San Antonio. He had beaten me home!!!! Of course he enjoyed his tailwind all the way home but I could only imagine how his legs felt after his 3 hour ride in the hills. To make things even funnier, Karel finished 104 miles in 4 hours and 50 minutes and I finished my 100 miles an hour slow than him. So Karel, ever think about an Ironman???? I barely had enough strength to drive home but when I walked in my house and saw Karel cooking pancakes I was looking forward to eating my well-deserved pancakes. YUMM!!!!! My parents came over in the evening and we ordered Domino's. YUMMM again!!My two favorite foods after a hard, long workout- PIZZA AND PANCAKES!!! And now as I write this blog, I will enjoy my full day of NO training!!!