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Happy Birthday Karel!!!

He is an old man. He may as well race in the Master category now! Just kidding. Happy birthday Karel!
I will update soon about my current concerns with my piriformis syndrome. I am on some heavy meds right now which seem to be working as of yesterday. Lots of tears and emotions during the last two weeks but I must say that I have been taking really good care of myself. Thanks to everyone for support and encouragement during this time in my life. With Kona in 3 weeks and an expensive flight to Kona leaving in 14 days, you could only imagine the stress in my life right now. I understand that triathlons aren't everything in life but I seek triathlons as a stress-reliever in my life. Training for triathlons gives me balance and teaches me so much about myself. I gain confidence, strength and determination when I train.
Since I haven't ran in two weeks you better believe I have been cycling and swimming when possible. Weekly swim yardage last week was around 14000 and I really enjoyed being in the water. I have spent so much time on my bike trying to become a better cyclist so I am really enjoing aqua jogging and swimming. I've been riding as much as I can with nothing crazy due to my right leg. However, I do feel really strong and I don't feel I have lost anything. Aside from extremely horrible pain to sit, stand and sleep just 2 weeks ago, this injury was probably a good thing to give my body a little rest.
This morning I rode 58 miles and felt just great. Tomorrow will be my last long ride of 5 hours. Not too long of a ride but it is the beginning of my taper for kona. In an effort to embarass Karel when possible, I rode up to Landsbrook where the Gearlink guys were doing a circuit-style race (normal wed. night course) this morning. I wrote Happy Birthday Karel on the street in three different places with really bright chalk. Needless to say..he didn't even notice it!!! He finally caught on when all the guys were calling me the chalk girl when Karel finally saw the letters on the ground. He smiled as the guys were giving him a hard time for being "old". Tonight we are going out to the kobe steakhouse where the Japanesse cooks prepare your meal on the table infront of you. Since I love to be entertained I thought this would be just perfect for a birthday dinner. We have a group of 10 and I just love being around other people. Since I have neglected a lot of my friends (carlos and all are great!!! Thanks for your support) I am looking forward to getting my mind off my stupid injury. And since I have meds, I should be feeling nice and relaxed tonight :) hehe
thanks again everyone for your support. I will write a more detailed blog soon about my injury but I do appreciate the advice and encouraging words from everyone.