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Yes, we like to wear funny hats when we go out to dinner. Karel's birthday was a special day for us. Well, I guess a special day for me! We had a great dinner at the Kobe Japanese Steakhouse (perfect for a vegetarian like me!) and we were in good company with 10 of our closest friends in the area. People who we ride with and have been part of my life since I started cycling with Gearlink. After an entertaining dinner and yummy food (yes-tofu and veggies can be yummy) the restaurant crew embarassed Karel by singing happy birthday to him and making him wear the funny hat. The atmosphere in the restaurant was just perfect and there was a lot of noise, clapping and laughs from people at the other tables who were enjoying their dinners. As we waiting for the bills, Karel stood up at our table and thanked our friends for coming and spending his b-day with him. Next, he looked at me and thanked me, as his girlfriend, for planning the dinner. Then, the unexpected came! He next mentioned that he was in the time of his life where he didn't want a girlfriend anymore...long pause....he wants something more than a girlfriend. By this time, a couple people from the other tables were looking at us and he looked at everyone at the table and then at me and said that he wanted me to be his wife. I was in shock and just speechless (really-Marni was speechless!) and as he got on one knee he pulled out the box and asked if I would marry him. I noded my head but at that point and gave Karel a big hug. Still speechless. The entire restaurant was cheering and all the chefs and staff came out of the kitchen and everyone was clapping, cheering and so happy for us. Of course I said yes and I put on my beautiful ring. This was so not like Karel who is extremely funny, but very quiet and reserved. He is so passionate about everything and he just made my dream come true. He said he picked his birthday as our day to get engaged so that he would never forget the day. Very funny Karel! Well, I guess that is only fare since our anniversary is on our b-day when we met for the first time on a Gearlink group ride.
I never invisioned any kind of engagement before because I never thought I would meet someone who would "put up" with me. I am very strong with my opinions and I am very independent and driven. Karel appreciates all my qualities (good and bad) and supports me and encourages me to live out all my dreams. Most of all, he is my best friend and I enjoy everyday with him. Oh-and I'm also very stubborn! I guess after the past 4 weeks of no running and extreme pain, he (and many other people) have seen a different side of me. With my kona trip coming quickly, I have had many up and down moments. As of now, I am still in a little pain and cannot run but I hope for the best. I will take the next couple days off from training and keep resting. Well, I guess I can just stare at my ring and enjoy my time with my fiance and family.
Thanks again to every for your support and in 12 days I will hopefully be boarding my plane for the big island! Heal leg...heal!