Happy Super Bowl!!!

One of the only times I can't wait for the commercials!!! I have a global marketing assignment to watch the commercials..I get a grade for taking notes during the superbowl!! I hope everyone has a great super bowl sunday!!!
Just a quick update..I had a super morning. Ran 9 miles and felt so fresh. I was daydreaming about my wedding, being on Ellen one day and future articles and I ran 2 miles and didn't even know it! Has that ever happened to you? I know it happens sometimes when you are driving but I was literally running on a familiar road and before I knew it I was 2 miles away from where I started zoning out! Now if I could only do that in EVERY race I do!!! Actually, I like zoning out just as much as I like the self-talk to keep me going. After the run I jumped on my bike for a 25 mile bike ride. The weather was humid but comfortably cool and I didn't want to get off my bike. The rest of the day was studying for my exam tomorrow (I have another exam on tues and wed). Karel had a super hard 5 hour ride in San Antonio today. He rode hard and made a lot of attacks. Next week "officially" starts his season and I can't wait to see what he is capable of this year! I am helping out at Gasprilla next sat from 7-1 (come visit the RacePlace booth!) to work the expo so I won't be able to see Karel's first race. But the following weekend he is racing in Dade City and San Antonio (SA on sat for the road race and DC on sun for the crit) and I can't wait to see him then. Well, time to get off and start paying attention to the commercials, in between the football game :)