Happy Birthday Dad!!!!

It's my dad's birthday today and I couldn't be more proud to be his daughter and to call him my dad. As a dedicated optomestrist at the VA clinic, a dedicated dad and a loving husband, I think my dad is just great. Of course I thank him for me and my brothers' great athletic abilities, my tan greek skin, love of science and school and shortness from my dad (love ya too mom!), but most of all I have learned to just enjoy life from my dad supporting me through all my journey's. My parents helped me through college (monetary speaking) and helped me through grad school (mentally speaking after all my breakdowns). Then after grad school when I had negative dollars in my bank account my parents let me live at home while I found a job and pursued my passion of becoming a sports nutritionist. My parents have encouraged me to pursue my dreams no matter how crazy they seem...Examples being Marathons, Ironman's and going back to school for my 3rd degree. Oh, my dad takes great pics at my races and always has something funny to say to make me laugh:) I just love my dad and I wouldn't be what I am now without his help, guidance and positive words. I probably call my dad once a day and either tell him about my workouts, ask him for advice about my car or electronics, complain about bills and other money issues and of course, tell him how happy I am with Karel. A dad always wants the best for his daughter and my dad was open and loving when welcoming Karel into our family. Most of all, I feel I found a guy to spend my life with who is just like my dad in so many ways. And if anything, I hope that Karel and I can have the wonderful, loving relationship that him and my mom have had for over 30 years.
Happy Birthday Dad!!! Many more years to come....all exciting I'm sure!