The elephant is off my back

What relief! My biology exam is overwith. This exam wasn't even a final but I am feeling the pressure of the last 3 weeks of school. Gotta keep the grades up and there is no slacking by me. I am so glad that my last exam of the week (2 total) is over and now I have just one quiz tonight in my medical terminology class. I just can not wait until Thursday! To me it feels like the weekend cause I can actually catch up on emails, do videos for BT.com, do nutrition work and write, write, write. My mind goes a mile a minute and it stresses me out not writing. I have all these thoughts in my head about nutrition and when I'm trying to study for an exam I just can't do both. Unfortantly, school wins most of the time since I am getting this degree TO be able to speak and write more. I guess it is the life of a writer when sometimes you get a mental block and sometimes the thoughts just flow. The thing with me (as a passionate sports nutritionist) is that when I read a concern of someone in a blog/forum or hear someone talking, I just want to write an article about it. I have a feeling if one person has a question about weight loss, supplements, nutrient timing, etc. there are a hundred other people who probably have the same question. Well, enough of that. I think this random blog just confirms that I needed to write. Training has been going well. I have my first tri of the season on sat (Escape from Ft.Desoto) and I couldn't be more excited. 1/2 mile swim-10 mile bike-4 mile run. I just want to get out there and give it my all and leave it all out on the course. I had a great spin with my FULL class this morning and I had loads of energy. I followed that spin with only a 3.5 mile run (30 min) since I was feeling the elephant on my back. I needed to get home and put in a few more hours of studying before my 11am bio exam. After the interval workout on tuesday and a 3 hour lab of standing on my feet doing DNA stuff (yes, it is just as boring as it sounds), I hit the pool with no question. Luckily the elephant jumped off my back so I could get in a quick set in the pool. 500 warm-up. Main Set: 2 x (300, 3 x 100), 300 cool-down. The first set I held a 1:30/100 yrd. pace and the next set I held 1:25/100 yrd pace.The 100's on 1:25 we ok but my arms were sore from the morning run!! Oh well, as usual it was great to be in the water.
I think I'm done writing until tomorrow. 2 more hours of learning for the day and when my 5:30-7:30 class is over I will retire the elephant until Mon :)
OK..I didn't throw away my biology book but I would love to see it stepped on by the elephant!!!
Here's an update on Karel's last race..it makes you feel like you are right there racing (or cheering!)...

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