Iron Girl race day

Just waiting for my coffee to get ready. My mom stayed with me last night at my place since I live about 4 miles from the race site in clearwater but I'm the only one up. the early morning stuff isn't really her cup of tea. I don't blame her...I could use another hour right now! Anyways, I'm kinda nervous for this race. 1) Hope the leg is ok to "race". this is my first race since Kona and although I have been training strong, I haven't really pushed myself yet. I will really need to listen to my body this morning. 2) I haven't really "hurt" yet during training. Besides my heart almost coming out of my chest on interval tueday, I haven't pushed myself for 6 miles in a long time. 3) this is my 3rd year doing this race and I know how hard that "mountain" is to climb. Memorial causeway (for those who did the world championships 70.3) is super tall and long and we have to go up and down, around the roundabout and back up and down. seeing that this is a 10K for me, that means super fast for a short period of time. ouch!
Well, i guess I will see what happens. At least i am with hundreds of other Iron Girls (and my mom) to keep me company. It is just those few top 10 girls at the start of the race that get me a bit nervous.