Getting there

The pile of boxes in our new place (2 bedroom, 2 bath) is getting smaller. However, I think I managed to move all the unpacked boxes to the office (spare bedroom) and that room is beginning to scare me. I am catching up with emails as well and getting back into nutrition consultations and coaching. I have enjoyed my little break from "work" but I am anxious to get back to helping people. I kinda loose my mind if I am not doing anything constructive with nutrition.
I finished the kitchen first and no surprise, I had a BIG trip to super Wal-mart to stock our fridge with lots of healthy and yummy foods. We have a pantry and I even found some food to put in there. Karel was a little bummed that I didn't bring home any ice cream. I guess my 40-calorie yogurt's aren't going to cut it for Karel. I did find some waffles (organic blueberry and flax seed apple and cinnamon) that Karel is now obsessed with. We both love the convenience of popping a waffle in the toaster and for a late evening snack I like to have a waffle with a scoop of vanilla lit n' fit yogurt on top and a little sugar-free syrup and cinnamon. Yum.
Karel got the TV up just in time to watch Idol last night and now, with cable hooked up, I am no longer stealing the Internet. I am getting there with the unpacking but this is much better than moving up the three flights of stairs.
Yesterday I visited Karel at work and I tell ya..what a great job! Just a bunch of cyclists hanging out and chatting. Only kidding. I'm sure they do something productive every now and then. The Trek store is HUGE and if you are ever in the area, come by and get some tri/cycling stuff. They also have an on-line store (ABC store, link on my website and blog). I am going to start working there next week to get some money to help pay for school. I think I will really enjoy selling tri/cycling stuff, especially when it comes to nutrition products. I offered working the evening hours, so that when Karel needs to go to the beach for the group rides I can let the guys go and ride. Seriously...I can get paid to talk to people about tri stuff??? How cool is that!
All my books came to the store and I am really excited to get going with my school work. I am really really really excited! I am going to learn so much. I think I could read my Food Science book over night but I will try to stick to the schedule. My other class is nutrition education which should be a great class as well.
Karel and I are still really sore. When we got out of bed this morning we both felt like our calves were on fire. I am getting less and less sore but it is a slow process. I am reminded of the pain from disney and moving everytime I walk down our apartment stairs. Karel and I rode together this morning. Only around 17 miles but it felt really good to be on my bike. I am getting back into things but slowly. I would love to get in the water tomorrow so I will ask around and see where the triathletes swim. I am a fish without my home...I need a pool ASAP!!!
Well, I think I am going to go visit Karel at work again. I guess I am making up for lost time since we were apart for almost 2 months. Plus, what triathlete doesn't enjoy a bike shop??