Heading to Georgia!

It has been a while since Karel and I have been in Georgia. I was telling Kate on our trip up to Lake Lanier for Iron Girl ATL that it is weird to not go to GA without Karel. However, the trip was super quick with two girls just chatting away.

Tomorrow Karel and I head to Lawrenceville, GA for the Gwinett cycling race.
This time, we are both racing. I will be doing the road race and for the first time, a circuit race. I thought about the crit but decided to pass on it. I will leave that crazy stuff to Karel. The first race is tomorrow on a car racing course. It is a crazy course which is about 2.7 miles around and goes up on one side and down the other. Cars race on it so it is super fast. I will take lots of pics don't worry!
Then on fri Karel has the crit in norcross, Ga. On sat we will both do a road race (mine is only 35 miles, Karel's is around 65 or 70 I think) and then on sun is the circuit race which is a 2.5 mile loop of rolling terrain in an office center. I remember last year I ran around the course about 6 times. I was always finding ways to train for Kona in new places :)

I'm looking forward to getting away for a few days. We are staying at an extended stay so we have a full kitchen. No bad meals for us! There is a longhorn near by so I can't wait to have some bread, nuts and a sweet potato!

I will keep everyone updated.