Day before the wedding!

Karel's family came in last night with no delays or problems with customs. I'm sure it was emotional since that was the first time Karel has seen his family in 8 years! After almost 24 hours of traveling from czech to vienna to paris to atlanta...they finally arrived to Jax at 9pm.
Now, Karel and his family are making their way down to new port richey.
My aunt, uncle, cousin, brother and grandma made it in yesterday and now our house is full of people. I'm a big family person so this is just great for me to have everyone here.
This morning I ran 13 miles and finished the run with by brother as he was heading out for a 45 min run. We ran together for about 10 min and then I soaked my legs in my parents pool (the water is a bit chilly).
The day is actually going pretty slowly. The food is almost done and we have chopped lots of veggies. I am finally lying down and ready to go over my speech and vows.
Just wanted to give everyone a quick update. I probably won't be blogging again until Mon.
Time to go get married!!!!