Need a good laugh???

I had a great 4000 yard swim practice today. The main set was 2 x (200 kick, 5 x 100 swim on 1:30, 400 pull). Then 200 kick and 500 swim for time (6:58!).
After the swim I ran on the treadmill for 4 miles and then lifted. Since Karel was out mountain biking at Hannah Park in Jacksonville beach I couldn't wait to get home and see my Campy.
When I got to my door I could smell graham crackers. That's weird, I didn't have graham crackers on me?

When I opened the door I couldn't believe what I saw! The graham cracker bag that was on our kitchen table was now on floor!!!
Oh-did I mention that those graham crackers were one of several items that were being used for gift bags at the wedding!!!

I guess campy had a nice carbohydrate breakfast.

And for some reason I don't think he was alone in this plan!!

I find it strange that Smudla, who couldn't even walk by Campy in the hallway without an evil look or hiss in Campy's face, can now be on the same couch with him...hummmmm?????

After I vacuumed the floor and gave him the silent treatment...a puppy like this is too hard to resist.