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What did I decide to do on my b-day????
Well, Karel and his teammates are racing the Union City GA cup race this weekend so I decided to join in. An opportunity to ride Seduza in a cycling race and also do a long ride without having to run afterwards (even though, I would love to run!).
So...we packed up the team van yesterday (after a BUSY morning of finishing my school work, cleaning up our apartment and running some errands) and hit the road at 12:30pm. Karel, Cody and I were in the team van and Curtis and his wife were in the van ahead. Jeff, the team manager/ABC owner was already checked in at the Comfort Inn.
When we arrived, checked into the hotel and unloaded the car, Karel, Curtis and Cody wanted to spin their legs. Jeff and I were hungry so in the choice of Crackel Barrel, Wendy's, McD's, Shoneys and IHOP, we dediced to go to Crackel Barrel for dinner and bring back food for the guys. After everyone was fed, it was around 8:30pm and we drove the TT course. I was in for a rolling ride on sat.
Well, it is now sat and not only is it my b-day but it is my anniversary!!! 2 years with Karel and I am pretty thankful to have him in my life. Although karel surprised me with a nice necklace and a card signed by all the Lindner capital guys, I have a present for Karel for our anniversary. I'm NO good at keeping secrets so it is just killing me to have my present for him in a bag. At dinner tonight I will give it to him and I'm sure I will blog about it :) I'm just so appreciative of all the people who called me and emailed me today. Thank you everyone for making this last year so wonderful and I can't believe I am 26!
The best part about my bday is just being able to be together this weekend...doing what we love is more than enough for me.
This morning we got up, had a light breakfast and headed to the race venue about 10 miles down the road. Since we drove the course last night, I knew it would be a tough 10 mile ride. However, I didn't think it would be THAT tough.
I am asking all triathletes to do a TT race at least 2 or 3 times a summer. This is something that is so hard, you won't believe the difference between cycling only and doing a TT. Sure, riding 10 miles in a tri and then running, after you have swam, seems tought but in a TT you HAVE to go ALL OUT! The rollers were up and down and I found myself switching between 16mph and 28mph. I was being chased by girls and I passed a girl. I was told I was third but I will have to check tonight. If so, I will get to stand on the podium. I think karel is proud of me. I think my time was 27 minutes. Jeff K. was 2nd!!!!! Karel started 4 1/2 min. behind me and it was really neat being on the same course together. Both pounding it out, with quads burning and our hearts coming out of our chest. It was really cool having someone hold your bike before the start and then sprinting to the finish line, totally dead. I was breathing so heavy and it was so hard.
I will post pics when we get back on mon but this was amazing. It hurt so bad but doing these once a month would really make me stronger.
I think the best part of the morning was seeing so many aerobars. I know I have a lot of triathlete blog readers so you can understand my excitement seeing these guys in an aero position.
Also-Good luck to Madiera beach triathletes, Honu 70.3, anyone else racing around the globe and a happy b-day to my best friend Allie's baby girl, Gabby who turns 1 today. AND, congrats to my friend Serenity who just got married today. Lots of congrats and if I missed a good luck or congrats...I've got plenty more to give :)



What has Karel gotten himself into? First he hated the thought of getting a TT bike and now he has totally pimped out his bike. This is one sweet looking TT bike. I don't even have a disk wheel!!
I told him because it looks so good he will go fast. And when he is finished riding it at the TT on sat morning he can look forward to the crit and RR on his Cervelo. Karel and I will both be racing the GA cup cycling race this weekend. I am doing the 10-mile TT bike (but on my road bike) and then the 48 mile road race on sun. Karel has a 10-mile TT on sat morning, 60 min +5 loops on sat evening and then the 114 mile road race (championships!) on sun. I am sure I will get lapped by Karel and the Pro 1,2 guys as I am racing with the Cat 3/4 women but that is ok. I am just excited to be out there on the same course. Plus, it is my b-day on sat and Karel and I's anniversary!..I'll make the most of the weekend!


A weekend of FUN!

My weekend involved a lot of riding, spending time with Karel and doing lots of nutrition work (school and sports consultations).

Luckily, there was no rain and the cycling party was a success. There were plenty of people to meet but after a hard ride in the morning, Karel and I had our eyes on the food. After we indulged in lots of yummy food (plenty of Marni-friendly fruits, veggies, healthy salads, bread/crackers and cheese...Karel was super happy about the amount of chocolate deserts. Where's the love for the vanilla fans???) we met a handful of people. Of course I won't remember anyone when they are dressed in spandax and have a helmet on their head, but at least we met some really nice people. Karel knew a few people from previous rides but we were both enjoying being the "new couple" in town. :)

Karel and I had a nice morning of riding. Although both of our plans changed, it was still a successful morning followed by a yummy breakfast. I was planning on riding with the cycling group right down the road but I thought I would get in a good hour of riding before meeting at 8am. I rode to downtown San Marco which was around 10 miles and planned it perfectly that I would turn around at mile 15 since the ride was only 5 miles in the other direction (5 miles from my place). However, I was already cutting it short on time when I got a flat tire. I changed it super fast but I knew there was no way I would get back to the ride in time. Bummer. I continued my ride on unknown roads and although I was in company of MANY cyclists on the road (they are everywhere!!!) I headed back to my familiar loop and continued on the roads which I did on Sat's group ride. I ended up with 45 miles again on sun but everything seems so long and unknown to me here, so when I came home it felt like 60 miles. Not too long after I made my smoothie, karel came home from his ride. He was planning on riding with a teammate but when his friend didn't show up karel rode solo for 85 miles. He looked a little trashed when he came home so I waited a bit to ask him about his ride. Lots of intervals and very little recovery. Ouch...I could tell it was a tough day.
In the early afternoon, I did my school work. My two nutrition courses are really time-consuming but I love that. It really keeps me on my toes and always studying. There is a lot of material and I'm really trying to retain everything so that I can feel super prepared when I one day take the Registered Dietitan exam as the last step to having the R.D. behind my name. My assignment for my food science class involved measuring, using a thermometer, sifting and well, just playing with food. I love it!

Sunday evening we went to Wal-mart and got some more necessities for our place....and some more food.

I think all but 1 or 2 boxes are unpacked and I can finally start decorating. I have all our Triathlon/cycling stuff in the office and I can't wait to make this place look like an athlete's apartment :)

Happy memorial day! My b-day is actually on memorial day but that only comes every so often. May 31st is when I will turn the big 2-6 this year!!! :)
Karel asked if I would like to ride together on mon and of course I couldn't pass up an opportunity to ride with him. I usually see Karel riding in the other direction when I ride so to be able to draft behind him (and maybe pull) I was really excited to ride. We headed out around 7:15am and I told him around 50-60 miles. I should have known it was going to be close to 60 and it was going to be a fast ride. Seriously, how slow can Karel go before it becomes boring so we did a few intervals after riding together for around 10 miles at 20 mph! I couldn't believe how I was able to keep up with him and we were even chatting a bit during our first 10 miles. I guess I have improved since our first century together in 2006 (I was hurting pretty bad and I think I was behind him at 18mph the whole way. It was super slow for him and super hard for me that day). I always feel a little stronger when I ride with Karel so something inside of my legs gave me extra power and we did 4 sets of him pulling for 3 miles (an easy 21-22mph for him) and then me pulling for 2 miles (21mph!!!). He told me he was impressed and I tried my hardest to keep up when I told him I was done with the intervals. My thoughts were that we were going to do an out and and back so I was getting familiar with the beautiful country road that we were on, until we made a right and headed toward the water. Uggghhh..a bridge!!! Not only that, we had lots of wind!

Karel knows my fear of bridges but it only takes a few times until I am comfortable. Again, new roads and new places scare me but at least I had Karel by my side. Instead of turning around at 25miles (like I assumed) he told me we were doing a loop and we had several more bridges to cross. I tried to be a big girl and i just followed Karel on rolling hills, rough roads and another bridge. Unfortunantly, we got a little lost and we had to cross of a very big bridge. I wouldn't recommend this route to anyone and when I saw what I was about to do the tears just came out of my eyes. Karel felt really bad and he was a superhero to make me cross the bridge. I almost wanted to walk my bike for the next 4 miles but karel assured me I would be ok. I was crying so much that the tears were rolling down my face and I just tried to stay calm and I just kept my eyes on the end of the road. We finally made it home and the pancakes never tasted so good. I am not afraid to admit how much I am afraid of bridges and even on my bike on the flat road, I get scared. Riding a tri/road bike is still a new feeling to me and in the past 3 years since purchasing my first bike with clipless pedals, I still get a little nervous. Hopefully I can continue conquering my fears and I am lucky to have Karel in my life. I guess you know your soul mate if he/she helps you do things you never thought possible. Well, karel has been with me to ride around Lake tahoe, climb Brasstown Moutain in Ga (and descend) and finish fast group rides when I thought my legs would fall off. There is something about karel that helps me achieve the impossible. And for that, I love him so much..but NO MORE BRIDGES! Unfortantly, I now live in JAX and we have no shortage of bridges.
The rest of Mon was relaxing, we watched a movie and watched cycling on versus.

My first day of work! After I ran a fast 7.3 miles on a beautiful country road (same route as my loop ride) I got myself cleaned up for work. I saw Karel on his bike as I was running and he couldn't believe how far I ran in such a short amount of time. I guess my hour run was a bit fast but I was just trying to shake out my still-tired legs. Karel and I had our bikes all ready to go to work at 10:50am but then the rain came. So we decided to drive and I brought my road bike so Karel could fit me on it (re-fit that is). Karel cleaned it up for me and I drove home after my few hours of working. Karel rode my Blue home and he said he felt so funny on such a small bike. My few hours of work went well and I had a good time with the other guys. Great environment and I'm happy I can help out a few hours everyday.

Today was the first day in months that I have been on my road bike and I felt great. I was in for a big surprise when I see Karel on his Time trial bike. WHAT???!!! This is too funny. He comes up to me and says "hey roadie". I tell him I don't like riding with triathletes and I just thought the sight of Karel with aerobars was too funny. He did look super sharp on his Trek TT bike (when I call it his tri bike he gets mad :) but he said he is so not comfortable on it.

Maybe he will get to love it and a triathlon will be in the future one day. I know he can run (PR 10K is 39 for him!) and he can day possibly but for now, he is a fanatic cyclist with a TT bike.
After my 20 mile ride on Blue I headed to the Y for my first swim since Disney. I have been craving the water and with my guest pass to the Y (oh how I miss my spin class!) I had a nice 2200 swim. I felt really heavy in the water but I was able to finishe 2 x 500's, then 8 x 100's on 1:30 a 200 kick and a 100 warm-down.

well, I think that sums up everything. I have been keeping myself busy but I apologize for the lack of blogging. I will do better now that things are finally coming together here :)