I'm tired. This early morning stuff is hard when it is dark outside. This morning at 4:35 I wasn't quite sure why I was getting up. Then I remembered that I am a triathlete who wants to train while others are sleeping. Maybe I should have stayed in bed because I had tired arms, tired legs and tired eyes this morning.
I felt recovered on Sunday evening after a busy and tiring weekend. Monday I slept in until 7:30 which felt great. I headed to the pool and swam an easy 1650 and then went straight home to sit at the computer for the rest of the day.
Campy and I have enjoyed the day light in the evening. We are running 1 mile together in the evening as often as we can. OK-Campy would run it every day but I am just pooped in the evening. However, it is nothing fast and I don't call it "training" so it really is fun to get outside before dinner. On mon. we ran to Karel's work (1.3 miles) at 6:30pm so that he could drive us home when he got off work at 7pm.
Tues morning I just couldn't stay indoors. The trainer is still in my car from this weekend (so that Karel could warm up for the crit) and I think it will stay there for a while. It was 56 degrees when I did my 30 min. run at 6:45 on Tuesday morning and when I rode at 7:30 it was just beautiful outside. I did my intervals (6 x 5 min w/ 3 min recovery) and survived.
In my biochem lab yesterday afternoon, we made aspirin. It was pretty easy to make and I felt like a real science nerd with my goggles on, mixing ingredients and measuring substances in flasks and test tubes. I just love school...except for the exams.
So, back to this morning...I am totally tired now and can barely keep my eyes open. I am trying to work on my dietetic internship portfolio and I hope I don't make careless mistakes because of my tiredness.
My run was good and I felt smooth. 3 x 8 min w/ 3 min recovery. I have another race this weekend and I'm sure I will have slow legs once again. I miss being fast as a runner. However, I think my body is ready to do a triathlon. Running off the bike....bring it on!
My arms barely survived swimming this morning. Remember how tough I thought it would be to run before swim...well, now I love having NOTHING to do after I swim!
Our main set was a series of 4 x 100's w/ 100 recovery after each set of 4. The first set was on 1:30, then 1:25, then 1:20. I barely made the 1:20's which made me think that I need some rest. Then we did a 400 pace which I managed to do in 5:36. Total yardage this morning was 3750. Long morning in the pool.
I am taking it easy tomorrow and Friday. With over 15,000 runners for the Gate river run on sat. I at least want to have a semi-decent 15K time.
Hopefully everyone else is surviving the time change.