What happened to February??

I can't believe it is the first week of March. Feb just came and went.
This week has been like that as well. The days are just slipping by and I find myself on the computer almost all day. School, nutrition, emails, etc...what would I do without my computer and internet.

The best part about each day is starting off with a good workout. Nothing like getting in a good sweat in the morning. Swimming has been great and I am finally making those 1:20 intervals for my 100's. On wed. we did 8 x 200's and I made the last 3 on the 2:40 interval w/ 5 sec rest. Running is going well and I am looking forward to the half marathon on Sat in Albany. No tapering for the race but I feel good to run. Hopefully I can break 1:40 with a solid week of training but it will be tough. The trainer is now my friend and I have survived several weeks of workouts. On Tues. I had 6 x 5 min. at CP90 w/ 3 min recovery. I didn't think I would make it past 2 but I told myself one more each time and well, I made it to #6.

I am just about to head to biochem. Looks like the studying paid off because I got an A on my first biochem exam. Yippe! I just updated my resume which took almost an entire day. It is so tedious to remember so much from so many months ago. I can't believe we have lived in Jacksonville for almost a year now!

This evening I will be speaking to the Team n' Training group here in Jax. I am talking about pre-race nutrition...one of my FAVORITE topics to speak about. As usual, I am nervous. I don't think I am ever NOT nervous but luckily, it all goes away when I start talking. Hopefully it will go well tonight at 6:30.

So, that was just a little summary of this week but I still don't know what happened to Feb. Before I know it I will be packing my bags and getting ready to race IMKY! Oh my!