Day at the beach!

What a great weekend! I had a race-prep weekend of workouts. 50 mile bike + 30 min run in the rain on sat, w/ 3 x 20 min at race pace w/ 10 min recovery on the bike. On Sun I ran with my friend Katrine and with her garmin we had a steady 11 mile run with miles 7, 8 and 9 at race pace (6 min hard, 1 min easy). After our 1 hour and 20 min run we took Campy for his Campy miles (1.5 miles). This morning was an easy 2100 swim w/ 4 x 200's pace. There was a lot of Giro watching, good food (and ice cream) and a rental movie last night but today was spent at the beach with our friends Libby and Neil.
Enjoy the pics from St. Augustine Beach.