Barbara salad

I think I've told this story before but it's a good one.

When Karel and I were in Lake Tahoe (for the first time, our first trip together) in 2006, we stayed with my Grandpa Joe and his wife, Barbara. We couldn't ask for better hosts to feed us great food after we biked around Lake Tahoe.
Here's a few pics from our amazing ride!

We only knew each other for 4 months and it was that trip that confirmed that Karel was the one for me. 1 week together, riding our bikes on mountains and Karel got to see exactly who I was on and off the bike.
Who would have thought that this picture from Tahoe '06...

Would lead to this in Oct '08

Anyways, while we were there, Barbara made us amazing salad's almost every day. She would put nuts, fruit, dried fruit, veggies, greens...you name it, it was in there! And it was sooo good.
Even though I am not a big "salad for a meal" eater (I like side salads with my meal) every now and then Karel and I have a Barbara salad for dinner.
I will list what I put in mine but I will leave it up to your imagination to make your own Barbara salad.

Romaine lettuce
Green peppers
Pine nuts

Here's another one with mandarin oranges and chives: