Feeling lucky in Kentucky

Enjoying the IM experience. I grew up in Lexington, KY and moved to Florida when I was 22 years old. It is great to be back in my home state. My mom and I ate dinner at 4th street live last night and I had a super yummy salad at a sports bar. I can't wait until I reach the finish line at 4th street live on Sun, it is going to be a HUGE party!!!!
Since I picked up my packet yesterday all I had to do this morning was swim. I met up with Jen L. who I had done a nutrition consult for, about a year or so ago. I just love meeting athletes who I have helped in the past (and present). I have also met a TON of Beginner Triathlete athletes, who have been volunteering at the race. What would we do without all these fantastic volunteers???? THANK YOU!!!
The swim was great. No waves, no salt water...just the lovely taste of the Ohio River. It is strange being back here because my very first Olympic triathlete (2nd triathlon ever, just a few months before I moved to FL for grad school) was in Louisville! It was a Tri-America race and I had a hybrid bike and no riding experience. Now I am craving the 112 mile bike ride and can't wait to do (and finish) my third IM!
My dad comes in around 1:30 today and Karel gets in around 4pm. I can't wait to see them both!!! We are staying at the Hampton inn (a 10 min. walk from the Galt house-host hotel) and IM athletes are everywhere. There is a nice feeling in the air and everyone has been really nice and friendly. Just my type of atmosphere.
Well, my mom and I are about head to the race venue to scope things out. My mom always likes to tell me where she is going to stand so I can be sure to smile at them.
Enjoy the pics....many more to come.

My secret weapon during IM's....Twizzlers have never let me down!!