Essential Sports Nutrition


No resting for us

Karel was up at 5am for his 6:30am ride at the beach. I layed in bed until 6 and finally started my morning. At 7 I was out the door w/ my bike.
No arm warmers, no winter gloves, no booties. Short sleeve jersey and shorts. I love having open windows when it is less than 70 outside but I am loving the heat right now! The AC needed to wake up since it's almost March but the warm weather just reminds me that cycling and triathlon season is just around the corner.
Sweaty athletes + Racing season = Summer

I rode 45 miles (2 hours, 30 minutes) and it went by so fast. It was a bit windy out there so my HR was up in the 2nd hour but I kept the ride really comfortable.
After the ride, Campy was ready. Ready to run.
We ran 27 minutes and it was hot. We stopped at the Trek store for some water (campy needed it) at 15 minutes and then he was ready to run some more. He is getting so much better with staying focused while we run.

After the run I gave Campy some cottage cheese and I took a refreshing shower. I made a super yummy strawberry smoothie (my favorite protein powder from wal-mart, Body Fortress, now comes in strawberry!!!!) which I shared with Karel. He got home just as I was getting the smoothie ready to blend and he was tired from his 3+ hr ride.

Campy had no idea what he was in for after my breakfast and neither did I. We headed to San Marco/Downtown Jax for the Human Society Expo and Campy was loving the car ride with the windows down. After we parked, Campy had a few barks for another dog walking behind us and I was a bit worried about our little adventure with a lot of dogs around. Well, when we got to the expo, Campy just stopped and looked around. It was almost like he was so overwhelmed with the number of big, small, long, short and furry dogs. There were dogs everywhere! I was suprised that my little dog with a BIG bark was now walking attached to my ankle and periodically he would look up at me and just give me a smile when I reassured him that everything was ok. He didn't attack any dogs and he was suprisingly calm. This was his first time around a lot of dogs and I was really proud of my little Campy.
The training for him has been really slow but he does better everyday. Training a dog takes a lot of patience and a lot of consistency but it is great when it finally pays off. Now we just need to work on those fast bikes that Campy loves to bark at.

Ok-now time to rest


Warm, Sun, Cool, Rain

What a forecast for this weekend.
Although we have a 50% chance of rain tomorrow night (which means, it will rain) the forecast calls for sun and a high of 78-degrees in the morning! Finally...NO trainer!!!
I plan to do at least 2 hours on the bike but no more than 3. It is my recovery week and I am really looking forward to the bump up in volume for the next block of training. I haven't acclimated Campy to the "hot" weather yet (since we got him in October) but I'm sure we will both run with our tongues hanging out after my bike ride.
Weather looks great for a cool run on Sunday because the high is 55-degrees but then there is a 90% chance for rain. I don't think I have too long of a run on Sunday so I could put up with the treadmill on sunday if I have to.

Campy and I are going to downtown Jacksonville after my brick workout tomorrow morning. We are attending the Trail of Tails Pet Walk and Festival. I thought about walking campy for the 1.5 mile walk at 10am but I am a little nervous about trying to walk him around hundreds of dogs. So, we will just go to the festival and I'll let Campy sniff lots of butts. I'm sure he will give a big bark or two at the big dogs and pee on every bush, plant and blade of grass with all the great smells at the park. I'm also going to give a donation since we aren't walking in the walk. Campy (and Smudla) say thank you to all rescue shelters around the world for keeping them and the other doggies and kitties from being homeless on the street.

My biochemistry exam went really well but I have a bit more studying this weekend for my other 2 classes. I am also working on my professional portfolio for my Profesional Dietetic Development course. The portfolio that I am putting together now will be really helpful for when I apply to Internships in Sept. I can't believe I am less than 10 months away from a possible internship...and no more school!!!

I hope everyone enjoys the weekend...I'm sure it will be warm, sunny, cool or rainy depending on where you live. Or, if you live near me, it will be all of those!



Yesterday was National Pancake day. I plan to celebrate the "holiday" this weekend after one of my long workouts. Although I have a recovery week and an easy 2 hour ride + 30 min run for Sat., I must pay tribute to all the pancake lovers out there :)

I usually have a box of whole wheat and white flour in my pantry but I really like the whole wheat pancakes. However, Karel (and myself sometimes) find it hard to eat a whole wheat pancake after a hot, long ride. The white-flour pancakes seem to digest a bit easier because they are so much lighter. Because we all need more fiber in our diet, here is a "lighter" option for pancakes which will provide your body with complex carbs after your weekend workout, without causing you to feel stuffed. Also, because the batter is low in calories, you can really "dress up" the inside of your crepe however you choose. I like PB and Jelly with granola, yogurt and raisins whereas Karel likes a scoop of ice cream and a piece of dark chocolate. Ok, so this "pancake" is more like desert but we all want a little something sweet after a hard workout.

1/2 cup whole wheat flour
1/4 cup water
1/4 cup skim milk
1 egg (or 2 egg whites)

1. In a large bowl, whisk together the flour and eggs. Slowly add the milk and water. Stir until everything is mixed well.
2. In a non-stick pan, sprayed with olive oil PAM, heat your pan to low-medium heat. You do not want to overcook your crepes on high heat!
3. Pour a few spoonfuls of the batter in your pan and and tilt the pan in a circular motion (off the flame) so that the batter spreads around the pan. It should look like a thin pancake.
4. Flip after 2 minutes of cooking, or until bottom of the crepe is lightly browned.

This batter would probably give you 4-5 medium sized crepes so if you have a bigger family (or appetite), double all of the ingredients. If you do double the ingredients, use 3 egg whites and 1 whole egg to make sure you get enough protein in the batter.

ENJOY this yummy treat!!

If you are only doing 1-3 hour workouts on the weekends and feel like you don't need all the calories from a pile of pancakes, you can't go wrong with crepes and a side of scrambled egg whites or an omelet.

The standard crepe is rolled with either fruit or jelly in the inside. Pick your toppings for the inside and don't be afraid to add variety such as an assortment of fruits, nuts or different low sugar/low fat spreads. I like eating my crepe like a pancake so I don't roll mine up, but Karel does a great job with his presentation of a perfectly rolled crepe...with yogurt ice cream inside :)



Not much going on here. I have a biochemistry exam on Thursday which I have been studying for since last week. I really want to do well on it.

Tomorrow Karel is off from I am sure he will enjoy a long bike ride in the morning, followed by doing a lot of nothing the rest of the day.

I will be no fun all day unless Karel wants to hear about carboxyl groups, ketones, saturated fats and nucleic acids. Lots of fun, I know.

BTW-I had to watch two movies for my biochemistry class and write a 2 page review on them. If you haven't seen them, I recommend Lorenzo's Oil and Awakenings. Both movies involve biochemistry and they are really good movies!

Tomorrow morning I am going to change things up and run before I swim. I know I will be extremely tired for my swim but more so, I don't know if my body is ready to run at 5am. Well, we will see how this goes but I know I will be glad to have nothing to do after the swim. It's like pulling teeth, every week, to get on the treadmill for a hard hill workout after a 90 min swim practice.

This weekend will be great because we aren't traveling! All of March we have something to do every weekend. On the 6th we are going to Albany GA for the Snickers Marathon (me racing the half marathon) and a Cycling race for Karel. On the 15th is the Gate river run here in Jax which is a BIG race here. Should be a fun 15K over a bunch of bridges. Then, we are staying with my parents on the 21st and 22nd for Karel's cycling race in Tampa. I am super excited to see my parents.

How about a pic of a super happy doggy...



Do you ever notice when one thing in life is balance there are 5 other things that stress you out during the day? Or should I say, when your training is going well you come home and have a zillion things on your mind!
That is me right now. Training couldn't be better. However, if I think about my training in the beginning of January, I was thinking I'd never be able to do an Ironman in August. Well, compete in an Ironman and actually race it (and finish of course).
It has been almost 2 months since I started my serious triathlon training. Base season was great and I still have a month to go before I start getting into the "speed/lactate" specific training. However, the miles really got to me in January and I found myself weak, un-motivated and frustrated. Luckily, I didn't give up and because exercise is part of my life, I woke up every morning in January and did my swim/bike/run workout as if I was just exercising.
Today on my 2 hour and 5 minute run, I finally saw myself in IMKY. I visualized running on tender and sore quads after the 112 mile bike. I saw myself riding up and down hills and then pacing myself for the grueling 26.2 miles that come at the end of the Ironman. I saw myself in the water, swimming for 2.4 miles and exiting the water feeling warmed up and not very tired. Then, I saw myself wearing my medal, feeling extremely tired and wanting to do it all over again.
With only 2 Ironman's under my belt, I sometimes forget the training that goes into an Ironman. Having said that, 2 Ironman's is still a big thing. Your first Ironman training season is something you will never forget and the first Ironman finish will stay with you for a lifetime. However, it is at the beginning of Ironman training that it feels like you have centuries to go until race day. Theb, reality hits and you count down the few months (6 for me) that you have to actually prepare the body for the race.
After my run today, I was so excited that I had no pain, I felt great all weekend and really, I had a full week of hard training without any excuses or slacking. After my run, Campy took me on a run for a mile and then it was time for breakfast.
The reason why I titled my post "balance" and not "Ironman" is because I have been at the computer all day, working on school work. If it isn't studying, papers or assignments then I am doing something "nutrition-related" to make a living and not go broke.
I am just so tired of school. Sure, I LOVE my dietetic classes but my biochemistry course drives me crazy. I hate drawing double bonds and really, I never knew carbohydrates, fats and proteins could be so complicated.
Then, when I am not studying or training, I am trying to keep our apartment clean. I am always meticulous about the kitchen but it is the rest of our place that I attend to about once a week. Karel helps out a lot and we have no "roles" in our place of who does what (except Karel takes care of the 3 fish tanks) but since I am at home all day, I try to contribute a bit more with my time at home.
Then, there is the cooking. I love making meals, but it does take time. I won't cook for more than 30 minutes (that includes prep) but that is still time. However, it gives me a chance to watch Ellen that I tape on DVR everyday and cooking really de-stresses me. Plus, I love presenting my "creations" to karel when he comes home from work.
Then there is grocery shopping which I do every Mon. Shopping for our usual foods at Wal-mart is fun for me, but then coming home, walking up 3 flights of stairs with a handful of groceries, and unloading the groceries takes time.
Then there is Campy. Well, I will always make time for Campy. I take him out every 3-4 hours and sometimes, when I need a break, we will go on a long walk around 11 and at 4. I can honestly say that animals really help when it comes to stress, feeling sad or anything else that bothers you. I love having someone so excited to see me when I come home and it is too cute when he stands on his back legs and gives me two high fives with his front paws. Hard to explain, but too cute!
And finally, then there is my marriage. I thought my marriage would be easy because Karel and I are best friends and we have the same lifestlye. But like all good marriages, it does take work. Not the kind of work that you are trying to decide who is right or wrong but just the work to be understanding and to compromise. Karel is really open minded and understanding so that really helps when I am stressed and busy. Also, I have trouble asking for help so I probably need to work on trying not to do everything myself. I was always that person in school where other people wanted to be in my group. Not the best individual quality to do everything myself, but if something needs to be done, I don't think twice about getting it done myself.
So, I guess it is all about balance. All these things in life (and I don't even have KIDS or a HOUSE!!!) to try to balance out. Well, I can say if I didn't have triathlons/exercise in my life, I would probably struggle with all those other things that I often stress about. And if I didn't have a clean apartment I would have trouble studying and without my nutrition-work, I wouldn't be living in an apartment and if I didn't have triathlons...I would not have met Karel! Wow-I guess it all does balance out!