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Jane Nation wants YOU!!

My good friend Katrine (pronounced Katrina) showed me this website that her PR company is working on. As everyone knows, I am all about all-women stuff...especially when women can come together and celebrate the beauty of life! I'm totally obsessed with!!
Whether you are focused on life with your husband, boyfriend, significant other, parents, children, grandparents, animals, work, school or athletics...we all can relate to each other in some way or another.

Katrine and her company created a unique online community where women can share information, make friends, and discuss issues, topics, products and services related to growing, evolving, changing or even reinventing their way through life. I think everyone will find it interesting and informative.

Check it out at

There is also a video that tells the story (Jane Nation Video). You can also find Jane Nation on Facebook and Twitter. The future of Jane Nation is to be a premier destination for women to find information, inspiration and an invitation to affect change in their lives and the world.



How was your day?

Everyday, when Karel comes home from work, he asks Campy "How was your day?" Karel asks me too but my day is pretty boring and routine....Training, computer, walks with campy, school work, made dinner.
Campy usually replies with a few kisses, as he stands on his hind legs hoping for a nice back massage.
For anyone who is having a bad day, needs to smile or enjoys looking at puppy pics, I hope you enjoy the pics from Campy's day.

By the way...a big congrats to Karel for suffering with the heat this past weekend in Ocala. He survived the 65 mile road race on Sat and placed 6th on Sunday in the 65-70 mile road race. Lots of miles in heavy heat this past weekend. The sat race started at 10:30am and the sun race started at 12:30. After a week of re-hydrating he is getting ready to suffer again in the 3 stage race (crit and TT on sat and road race on Sun) in hilly and hot clermont. Yay Karel! Campy and I are so proud of usual!


Tuna Burgers and Stuffed Baked Potato

Who knew that a vegetarian would LOVE making burgers. Even if I couldn't taste it as I was cooking, Karel said that his was the BEST meal he has ever had!
I got the inspiration for the stuffed baked potato because I was watching Down home with the Neely's on the Food Network and they were making stuffed baked potatoes with broccoli and cheese, but the high calorie/high fat way..with cream, milk and rich cheese. I decided I would use what I had at home and I came up with a healthy baked potato..stuffed!
If you want just the burgers, serve 2-3 burgers with two slices rye or whole grain bread and top with your choice of veggies (I suggest making open face sandwiches). If you want both the baked potato and burgers, skip the bread with the burgers and serve yourself 2 burgers with a side of the potato. I suggest adding a salad with either meal to bump up your vitamins and minerals (and colors on your dinner table).
There is a lot of healthy protein in the burger to help you recover from your workouts and the potato has a good amount of quality carbs to help you fuel for your upcoming workouts.
Both these meals are super easy to make and super cheap!

Tuna burgers
Servings: 5 medium burgers or 3 large burgers
1 can Tuna (in water)
1 whole egg
1/8 cup chopped jalapenos
1/4 cup chopped onions
1/4 cup chopped peppers
1/3 - 1/2 can chili beans (low sodium)
1/4 cup oats
3 tbsp whole wheat flour
1 tbsp. Hot sauce
2-3 large cloves garlic (chopped)
2 tbsp Parmesan cheese

1. Drain water from can of tuna.
2. Combine tuna, beans and egg. Mix together.
3. Add flour and oats. Stir. Then add veggies and garlic.
4. Stir well and add Parmesan cheese, hot sauce and dash of pepper and cayenne.
5. On medium heat, add 1 tbsp olive to a medium size non-stick pan.
6. Take 1 big spoonful of burger batter and shape into a burger with hands. Place burger on skillet. Add as many burgers as you can on 1 skillet.
7. Cover and let cook for 3-4 minutes or until lightly brown. Flip when bottom of burger is a little brown. You might need to use 1 quick spray of non-stick spray for each burger before flipping.
8. Top each burger with a little cheese (take 1 slice provolone or swiss and tear into small pieces for each burger).

Stuffed Baked Potato
*You can easily feel satisfied with 1/2 of this baked potato. Super filling!
*A super easy and quick meal after an evening workout.

1 large baked potato
1/2 can low sodium/fat-free broccoli and cheese soup
2 large cloves garlic (chopped)
1/4 cup onions (chopped or sliced)
1 tbsp hot sauce

1. Poke holes in potato w/ fork and microwave for 7-9 minutes. Turn oven to 450 degrees.
2. While potato is cooking, combine garlic, hot sauce, 1/2 can soup and onions in a bowl. Stir.
3. To scoop out center of potato, cut around the edge of a potato with a knife, leaving about 1/4 inch of potato at the edge. Make lines with your knife so that you make squares in the center of the potato. This will help you scoop out the center with spoon.
4. Remove chunks of potato and put on a plate.
5. Spoon 2/3 of the inside of the potato into the soup bowl. Save the other 1/3 of potato for another meal (etc. potato and eggs in the morning).
6. After stirring together the soup and potato mixture, spoon the mixture back into the potato.
7. On a baking sheet lined with tinfoil, bake stuffed potato for 10-15 min. Top with pepper.


Prove it

After I healed from a 5 month injury (1 month prior to Kona and 4 months afterwards) in 2007-2008 I never thought I would be back at my best fitness. The fitness that got me to the Boston marathon and to the Ironman World Championships was gone and I was an emotional mess. I was trying to lose the x-lbs that I gained from stress, minimal walking and too many tears from not being able to exercise. But after patience and a very slow recovery, I was able to run again. I put my HR in a drawer and didn't pull it out for the entire summer. Lucky to be able to run again, I focused more on quality workouts based on my effort, perceived exertion and pain level.
I remember doing Ironman Florida 70.3 in May (2007) and I was smiling from ear to ear just knowing that I was able to swim-bike-run again. I didn't register for many races in 2008 because I was never sure if I was 100% healed from my un-diagnosed hip/groin/inner thigh injury. I was just so happy that I was able to do what I love to do and that was being outside, exercising and getting in a good sweat.
My training in 2008 was ok. I wouldn't say that I pushed myself to my limits but I was slowly seeing myself getting stronger. Nothing to where I was pre-kona but I couldn't complain. I was just grateful that I had two working legs and a healthy heart and I was able to do what others aspire to do.
2008 was also the year that I started my distance dietetic program. As most people know, my 3rd priority in life is my career. There is no need to rank my close friends, family and Karel because those are all givens as my number one priorities. 2nd priority is my health because I have one life and I want to live a good life.
The last year has been filled with lots of stress, hours at school (both online and on campus) and a higher appreciation for all of the registered dietitians out there. Hard work getting that RD! But through it all, I've managed to exercise and train. Not to mention that for the past 10 months I've had Ironman Kentucky on my mind.
I am inspired by my training buddies, Karel, bloggers and Pros. I love hearing about races and I enjoy hearing about the ups and downs of training and racing. We all have them and its nice to talk about them.
For the past 2 months, I've seen myself grow as an athlete. I feel like I am getting stronger (not sure if I'm getting faster) and I feel like each training session is a quality workout. Even though my strength is far from sprinting, I am really enjoying squeezing in a tri or two into my busy and career-focused life.
The most amazing part about my training (and hopefully I am not the only one that feels this way) is that I find myself proving to myself that I can do it.
A few months ago, I made excuses. It was just ok to not go any faster or push any harder. Now, however, I am proving to myself that I can be the athlete that I once was.
In the end, I do triathlons because it is my lifestyle. If I was not allowed to race ever again, I would still swim-bike-run every day of the week.
This morning was one of those Prove it days. Ok Marni-Prove that you can do this.
I drove to Katrine's and headed out for a quick warm-up 6 mile spin before we left her place at 6:30. Same group ride as last week but a different route.
As we made our 7 mile ride to the group, we both expressed how tired we felt. Not incredibly sore from the race + 8 mile run but just tired. I'm sure you know the feeling.
We came up with about 4 different scenarios for the ride this morning. Since we were toasted after the ride last weekend, we knew there was no way we could survive a ride like that this morning. Maybe cause Karel was there last weekend to bring up the pace, but even without Karel, we are riding with a strong group of guys.
I had a 4:30 ride + 30 min run on the schedule for this morning. I was really excited for this workout because I really want to prove to myself that I can do these longer workouts.
We met the group and there were 10 guys...and Katrine and me. Lovely..lots of testosterone and fast legs.
The ride this morning was the 5-bridges ride. The plan was to ride 75-80ish miles, starting in Nocatee, going to Jax beach, along A1A, to St. Augustine, through st. johns county and back home. Oh and go over 5 bridges along the way.
Katrine and I planned on riding with the group for 2 hours and then heading back on our own but with a constant pace of 22-23 mph (rotating every few miles) we decided it would be better to do more miles at a faster pace than a 4 1/2 hour ride with less miles.
I was feeling good for the beginning of the ride. I felt like I drafted well, climbed the bridges well and most of all, I was enjoying being on my bike. I actually didn't want to get off! That has NEVER happened before. I wanted to retire from cycling last sunday!
Towards the end of the ride I noticed there were 5 of us (me and 4 guys) rotating at 23mph but in crazy wind. The pace was tough for me, especially with my not-so-good drafting skills but I managed to hang on for the final stretch of the ride.
When Katrine and I got back to the road by her place, I ended up with 95 miles! A little less than 5 hours (haven't downloaded my power tap yet) but I proved to myself that I can do this! I can ride my bike and hang on!
I only get these fantastic, amazing, incredible workouts every now and then. It isn't like I am feeling 100%, 100% of the time. But, this time, I was feeling it.
I was a little worried for my run because it seems as though 1 quality workout is my only quality workout. If I bike tired, I run fast. So, I thought my run would be slow and painful but it ended up being fast and effortless. It was 11:30am, at least 90 degrees and I was hot, hot, hot.
I started running and noticed that my garmin told me I was under 8 min pace. I planned to do 3 x 1 miles at whatever pace I could do and walk 1 min after each mile. I just wanted to prove to myself that I could run off the bike fast. Not fast like I try to do in a sprint (would love to see 21 min. off the bike in a sprint) but fast enough to feel good off the bike for say, an Ironman???
Here are my splits:
mile 1: 7:50
mile 2: 7:39
mile 3: 7:41
total: 24.34
3.16 miles
average pace 7;46 min/mile

What a morning. I will remember this workout for a long time.
I didn't write this post just to talk about my life as a triathlete. I feel that no matter what you want to do in life, whether it is get faster in a sport, lose weight, get a degree, excel in a project, learn something new, etc. you should never underestimate your ability to excel. Every now and then, just believe in yourself and prove it to yourself that you can do it.
As for tomorrow, I will enjoy Monday OFF from training and hit the books :)