Day #18: Learning from great resources

I don't know what it is with triathletes, runners and cyclists but they are among the smartest individual-sport athletes I know. A little obsessive at times but when you have to balance training around life (or is it life around training) how can you not be overly focused and passionate for what you do. Swimmers are in there as well but I think once you finish your collegiate career of swimming you either become a runner or triathlete if you wish to continue "training".
I bet I could put a bunch of triathletes in a room with a group of exercise physiologist PhD's and Graduate students and more than likely, the triathletes could carry on conversations regarding lactate, anaerobic, watts and fartlek training with a breeze. The conversation may be short (from my experience, PhD's know way too much, but all good stuff of course), but I am quite impressed with dedication that multisport athletes put forth in understanding their training and the human body.

I decided to put together a bunch of great links that may be beneficial in your weight loss and/or athletic journey. In my opinion, you can never stop learning and improving your nutrition and exercise routine.
I'd love for you to pass along your favorite links if you have others



Fast food facts

American dietetic association

U.S. National Library of Medicine
National Institutes of Health


US Department of Agriculture

Mayo Clinic

Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition Society

American College of Sports Nutrition

Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition

Science of Sport

BrianMac Sports Coach


Nutrition data


Calorie count

Calorie Lab

Inspirational cooking websites


Cooking Light

All Recipes

Food Fit

Eating Well

Vegetarian/vegan sites

Go Veg




Vegetarian resource group