Let the waiting begin

At approximately 1pm on Friday Feb. 5th, 2010, I sent out my two application packets for the Tampa VA and Bay Pines VA. My smile could not have been bigger and that elephant on my back (for a consecutive 5 weeks) finally jumped off.
Each packet included:
1) Application Letter
2) ADA form
3) References (3)
4) Transcripts
5) Declaration of intent

That's one stuffed packet...but super creative and pretty :)

Although I sent out 2 application packets (2 weeks before the deadline...wahoo) I was fortunate that neither dietetic internship required an application fee. The only fee I paid was to the distance dietetic matching program (online) which costs $50 for each matching round (Sept and April). Therefore, most of my money went to my transcripts....6 of them x 2!
In addition to receiving 2 degrees (Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Science w/ a minor of psychology and Master of Science in Exercise Physiology) and receiving a verification statement (declaration of intent) from my accredited online dietetics program I have taken classes at at 3 other schools. Luckily, all the "required" education is behind me and now comes the fun stuff...a possible 11-month internship in clinical dietetics.

Throughout the past 5 weeks, there were no missed planned workouts and no unhealthy meals/junk food consumed. I did consume a lot of oranges but luckily, no sticky fingers when I was typing.
There was lots of swimming, biking and running with lots and lots of zoning out and brainstorming. There was 1 mental breakdown on Feb 3rd at around 7pm but after a minute of crying and telling myself that I would never finish, I felt much better and all was good. I never give up on situations that I believe in and often, I stress myself out because I am a really hard worker and I love to write. I just wanted to make my application letter (1 1/2 pgs) perfect and after at least 50-edits/drafts, I was finally happy with my letter. In my opinion, it was a perfect packet because I really put my heart and soul into every single part of that packet.

A special thanks to Karel for putting up with me the last 5 weeks. SOOOO much time on the computer, in addition to the million other things I do (articles, blogs, nutrition consultations, answering emails, writing coaching plans, etc.). I think his dinners were pretty good for the past month because cooking is my favorite way to relieve some stress.

A HUGE thanks to my parents for editing ALL of my letters and forms. I can't tell you how many emails and phone calls we had and I am sure they were just as ready as I was to get these packets out. I have the best parents ever.

Now comes the waiting. I will hopefully receive a phone call interview (before April 5) if I am one of 25 possible applicants. If the phone call happens, I will then check the matching website on 4/11/10 to see if I was matched to one of my two possible internships and be one of 6 interns to one of the two VA hospitals.

I guess there is nothing more I can do but wait. I am happy that everything I have done in life has allowed me to feel confident with my application packet. I look forward to receiving an amazing dietetic education no matter where I am matched and most of all, being one step close to becoming a Registered Dietitian.