Guess who???

First we have to celebrate my birthday on MONDAY at the beach.... and then Campy will be signing autographs all next week.

(Thanks Kent L. for scanning Page 31 of Hammer Endurance News, May 2010 Issue #69)
Look at my furry little one.....he is such a celebrity!

BTW-The new line of Hammer clothing is amazing! Of course, I personally LOVE the cute gear designed for women. All of the clothing is SO comfortable! I have 3 hoodies from Hammer and I can't get enough of them! It's obvious that I love the line of nutrition products (which have kept me racing/training without GI problems for the past 3 years!) but I LOVE LOVE LOVE my hammer clothing.
If you'd like to purchase some Hammer products/gear be sure to mention my name and customer number for a discount!! Customer number 97495