Lovely weekend

On Sat evening, Karel and I were invited to the Ponte Vedra Club and Lodge, 2nd annual Tour de France wine and food event.
On behalf of the Trek store, Karel brought in several beautiful bikes (including a project one, madone 6.5, speed concept and a few others) as well as clothing, shoes and helmets. The room looked amazing and Karel did a great job (although I'm not surprised) making the bikes become the spotlights of the room. We met a lot of people and Karel impressed many people with his knowledge of all-things bike, tour and gear-related. Although 90% of the food was not vegetarian friendly, I enjoyed several plates of cheese, figs, fruit and bread as well as a super delicious truffle and asparagus creamy soup. YUM! Although I don't drink, I sipped from each of Karel's wine glasses to taste each wine. Karel had a great time tasting all of the food (except the oyster's, he said he's not a fan) and we enjoyed spending a little time together...something we haven't done in a LONG time.
Our friend David M. is the manager of the Lodge and he put on a great event. I can't wait until next year! We stayed at the Lodge last Oct for our 1 year anniversary and it was an amazing experience!

My run on Sun was so relaxing. 7.5 miles (1 hour) alone and then 2 miles with Campy. He was speedy from the start so I made sure to keep him hydrated with my fuel belt. He did pretty well until about 1/2 mile to go so we slowed it down and our run became walk/jog. What a trooper.
After a quick grocery shop for the week, I couldn't resist taking a few pics of Campy. He was looking so adorable all day long.