10 min stove top dinner - Creations

We are all pressed for time. Some days, I'd rather go for a long walk with Campy instead of cooking. However, there is nothing more wonderful than having a home cooked meal with Karel and knowing exactly what we are putting in our bodies.

One of my number one suggestions of preparing a wholesome meal is to not go into the meal prep, starving. I typically have a small snack before I start cooking my meal (veggies, nuts, fruit, yogurt, milk, cheese, peanut butter) so that I can cook/prepare dinner around one to two hours before I plan on eating with Karel. By cooking the meal ahead of time, I find myself with plenty of time to get to my to-do's before dinner.....actually, Campy takes priority and we LOVE our evening walks together.

Since Karel doesn't get off work until 7 (which puts him home around 7;20 or 7:30) there is no way my body will let me go all afternoon (even including a mid afternoon snack) without food. Because I do not feel comfortable preparing a wholesome meal with a hungry stomach, I believe in rewarding my body with food every few hours...even 15-30 min before my meal is served. I don't believe in restricting my calories, especially when I am hungry. Furthermore, if I were to go into the meal prep with a starving belly, it is likely that my blood sugar is low and my plant-based meal will not satisfy my cravings. When the blood sugar is low, carbs are likely on the mind...and not the low sugar, slow digesting kinds. I highly recommend having a pre-meal snack before you start preparing your meals. You will find yourself feeling great while preparing a wholesome and balanced meal.