Creative in the kitchen

My days are long but that's ok. I look forward to coming up with something creative after a long training+educational day.

Last week I made a bunch of yummy dishes. But nothing new, time gets away from me and I can't get to my blog as often as I'd like. However, there are plenty of pics to prove that I am just as busy in the kitchen as I am with everything else in my life. But hey, if you are passionate about something, it doesn't seem like a struggle to train, intern and cook on a daily basis.

For Week of Welcome, my preceptor and I served up a "shot" of powerful nutrition. We figured that the UNF college students wouldn't think twice about turning down a shot...too bad it was a healthy shot. But the students didn't complain! They LOVED our raw wrap and bean and rice wrap (recipes were posted a few posts ago) and even asked if we could serve these wraps on campus instead of the normal on-campus dining selections.
My preceptor made homemade Baba ganoush which was also a hit. If you have never had it...YUM!! It is very similar to hummus but with eggplant instead of chickpeas. Delicious!