Redifining (fruity) Oatmeal - Creations

It all depends on the day and the workout. Some days my breakfast is later in the morning and some days it is early in the morning. I plan my breakfast dependent on my workout intensity and volume as well as when I am going to have lunch. I love a whey and fruit smoothie and dry cereal for a recovery drink/meal but it doesn't always keep me satisfied til lunch. Sometimes I plan for oatmeal and a big glass of milk.
I typically have a mid morning snack but sometimes I don't need one. I've learned over the past few months (with my IM training) that I need to plan for the day and not plan to have the same breakfast ever day. Similar foods, absolutely. However, a 3 hr morning workout compared to a 1 hour workout requires a completely different breakfast in an effort to properly refuel. After a few weeks of trying things out in the morning, I am 100% certain that breakfast is really the best way to start the day. I recover quickly from workouts and I feel energized throughout the day. Most importantly, by having a filling and satisfying breakfast I am not starving all day and I feel in control of what I put into my body.
And, when I come home at the end of a super long day, I am not too exhausted to spend a little outside quality time with my favorite chihuahua!