Standardized Recipe - Muffins - Creations

I was super nervous all morning. Today was my muffin day!
The kitchen staff was super helpful and couldn't wait to try my muffins. I was nervous that they wouldn't come out right and that they would taste dry. Taking a recipe from 24 servings to 92 (I wanted 150 but it turned out to be far less) kinda worried me but in the end it turned out fantastic!
The residents LOVED my recipes although I still need to make some minor adjustments. I used muffin wrappers for each muffin and the muffin kinda stuck to the wrapper. Also, the inside was a little too soft (although I loved that). Typically, the residents get dinner rolls at each table while waiting for their order. However, today they received the muffins. Because many of the residents don't eat the dinner rolls, I went up to each table as the residents rolled in and encouraged them to try my homemade muffins. Hoping for constructive criticism, the majority of the residents absolutely loved the muffins and requested them instead of the dinner rolls. There was one lady (my first muffin-eater) who told me that she hates bananas but she loved my muffin! That made me smile.
The dietary manager loved the muffins and asked if I would make something new on a weekly basis. I said YES!
The kitchen staff laughed when I told them they were "healthy" muffins. They said they liked them but they need more sugar...I'm hoping that with a few more recipes, they will learn to enjoy my "healthy" food. :)

I did the entire recipe by hand, even tough the kitchen staff kept encouraging me to use the mixer. I guess I am old school and a mixer just means more clean-up.