Crockpot Veggie, Brown Rice and Bean Soup and Spicy Homemade Cornbread -Creations

This is just what I needed after a long day of interning. It was a breezy 80-degrees yesterday so I'm thinking that this recipe is going to comfort all of my blog readers who live outside of Florida.
When it comes to comfort food, I think we all associate the comforting food with a former memory or habit. In order to change a few old eating habits, try adding some of your favorite treats to your heart-healthy recipes. It may take some time weaning yourself away from old favorites, but eventually I think you will find yourself gravitating more towards wholesome foods and less towards processed (or high fat) options.
We had some leftover Sun Chips from my Theme menu a few weeks ago so I decided to top our soup with a little crunch from the chips. If you are a salty or crunchy eater, topping a bowl full of veggies is a perfect way to incorporate something old with something new. The cornbread was super spicy. It was a little dense because I used whole wheat flour but when served warmed....delicious!