Eggplant Pizza - Creations

It's official. I am FINISHED with my food service rotation! 11 weeks and 372 hours...DONE DONE DONE! 9 quizzes and a final are behind me and I proud to say that I successfully passed this rotation. I can't believe I have finished 2 rotations in my 10-month, 1200 hr dietetic internship. May 1st is going to be here before I know it and I will be scared out of my mind, ready to start studying for the National Registered Dietitian Exam.

This rotation was a great learning experience. I feel very confident as a food service manager and I have a new respect for food service in general. I don't see food service management/dietary manager as a career choice but I feel this was a great hands-on opportunity.

So now that I am a little over half way finished with my dietetic internship, I am so excited for my last rotation. After my week break to finish up my binder, I start CLINICALS! I am still tossing around career ideas and keeping my eyes set on some type of wellness-dietetic clinical position. However, I would also enjoy working with breast cancer survivors and setting up diet and exercise plans as part of the post-op treatment team. Eventually, I hope to have my own Trimarni business but I feel I still have a lot to learn in the clinical world in order to be a more well-rounded coach and dietitian.

For my next rotation, I will be spending 5 weeks at different nursing homes for my long-term care clinical rotation. Afterward, I will be spending 9 weeks at St. Vincent's Hospital for my acute care clinical rotation. I am sure I will be overwhelmed by the amount of clinical nutrition that I will need to soak up in 9 weeks (followed by 4 weeks of staff relief which will hopefully be at St. Vincents). From wound care, cancer, ICU and burns to pediatrics, obesity and renal disorders, I am going to see it all. Did I mention I am excited?

I am super excited to post my Thanksgiving meal which was filled with heart-healthy and YUMMY options. I hope everyone had a fantastic T-day.