Fresh versus Frozen?

On my first day of interning at a Long Term Care facility/Nursing home, I took an hour break to be interviewed for HealthSourceMag.com. My interviewer asked me to prepare for an online article on Fresh versus Frozen re: fruits and veggies. I spent much of last week doing my research and although I would have preferred to write the article, I thought this was a new and exciting opportunity for me. I have never been interviewed for an article so it was a great experience to provide my thoughts and research to the author.
Because I did a lot of research for this interview, I will be expanding on the topic and writing my next (Jan) Iron Girl article on the topic. My deadline for Iron Girl is the 15th so I better start writing!

I hope you enjoy the article. Katie Whiteman did a great job with the article!

Veggies: Frozen, Fresh or Fried?