Off - Season Exercise

Wheew. Just finished my next Iron Girl article. What a long day! Thank goodness this is a bit of a taper week for me. Gotta get my legs rested for the Jax 1/2 marathon on Sunday!

It is about 20 something-degrees here in Jacksonville and for Florida....we are cold! So, on behalf of all of you that have snow....it is officially the off-season!
And by the way....if you are already sick of the snow, send some this way. I'd love to play in it right about now!

I've written lots of articles. But there are a few that tend to stick out depending on the time of the year. Even if you are training for a winter road race or early-season triathlon, I think we'd all agree that the off-season is happily welcomed.

I have several new blog readers so I thought I would post this article for either a new read or a re-fresher. This was an article I wrote in the Jan 2008 Hammer Endurance News newsletter. It is one of my favorites and I hope you enjoy it! If you have any questions, comments or concerns, I'm always happy to help!

(stay warm!)

Hammer Endurance News Issue 57
pg 16