Spaghetti with Kale - Creations

I received a beautiful batch of fresh produce from my community nutrition preceptor. She sure does know me well. I don't know many people that get SO excited about fresh fruits and vegetables. Well, I guess you (my blog reader) and I should feel lucky that we have learned to develop a love for fresh and wholesome food.
Karel and I both had pretty intense workouts last Thurs. I did a 5 mile interval/tempo workout on the treadmill (after a 30 min warm-up on the elliptical) which included 5 x 2 min @ 1% incline @ 8.8 mph, with 3 min @ 7.5mph. My run workouts have been so enjoyable over this winter partly because I am cross training (using the elliptical and water jogging) and mixing in swimming, biking and weight training. I'm really excited for the Jax 1/2 marathon next Sun. It will be my first half marathon in 2 years! Wow, I've done 3 half ironman's and 2 Ironman's since 2008 but yet to do a solo half marathon. I'd love a PR but more than anything, I plan to cross the finish line smiling..knowing that I am training for races as a injury-free, balanced athlete.
So after my run workout, Karel joined me at the Y (after he ran 2 miles to get there) for a plyometric session. I took it a little easy on my legs but still enjoyed some box jumps, bosu plyo's, walking lunges, push-ups and core exercises. Karel is experienced at Plyo's but it took him a bit of time to get to that level. I recommend plyo's for all athletes but taking into consideration that every individual is different and we all have different fitness levels. After our workout, I drove home to get ready for a day of interning at a Nursing Home and Karel ran home 2 miles to soak his legs in Epson Salt.

What better than to make a comforting meal rich in vitamins and minerals. Not sure about you, but there is nothing "unhealthy" about this pasta dish. Enjoy!