Israeli couscous salad

Two days down, two to go. This has been a really busy week for me! I am finally getting the hang of things at the hospital which means a lot more info to retain (who knew the body to be so complicated and fascinating..not to mention all the drugs that the body can handle!!) and a lot more responsibilities as a clinical dietetic intern. On thurs I will be giving an inservice to the kitchen staff on coumadin and purine diet and sometime this week I will be finishing up 2 case studies (which I need to type before the end of the week). I also have two quizzes this weekend (liver disease and RD prep quiz).
On Monday I received the best text from my amazing husband.

"I know you are in tough times right now with your internship but it's like when you are dying in a race and somebody rings the bell and says '5 laps to go'. Ok, I know that is in bike racing but I have no experience with triathlons. Will the 1 mile mark work better?"

I don't know how but Karel always knows the right thing to say, at the right time. This totally brightened my spirits for my 9 hour day of interning and he is absolutely right. Sometimes you just have to dig deep when the going gets tough and remind yourself of all of the sacrifices you are making to get to the finish line.

And speaking of finishing lines...my speedy hubby landed on the podium this past weekend in the Gainesville Pro 1,2 criterium. Congrats to Karel on his 3rd place finish...I'm hoping one of these days I will be able to get away from my studies and watch Karel and his team.

The other day at Publix I found two bags of Israeli couscous for .80! Talk about a deal I couldn't pass up! I have never had Israeli couscous but based on my meal last night, it is very similar to the consistency and texture of orzo. YUM! It takes about 8 min to cook so it is super quick. It is high in protein compared to other rices but low in fiber (compared to whole wheat pasta/brown rice). However, added to a salad you are sure to get a nice mix of protein and fiber for your mid-day mental break.
I hope you enjoy my lunch as well as my dinner!

Israeli couscous salad

Side: Celery sticks w/ a mix of hummus and salsa

Dinner omelet with couscous